Twins and Baby Dreams

Straight up twinning

Did I mention that this one got a job? He’s slinging subs at Snarf’s, Boulder’s most beloved sandwich shop. I must say, it is the perfect job for a teen at $20/hour, a shift meal of whatever he wants, and a 50-percent discount at all their locations.

It makes it a little harder to connect with him because he works two shifts a week and they are on the weekdays, but we make it work.

I’m in the tiny house right now. It’s cooling off so I’m able to sleep really well. I’ve noticed that I’m not hot anymore at night. Even at my sweetheart’s house I find myself pulling the covers on me while he throws them off. My hormones must be balanced.

I got back from FOCO yesterday and pretty much collapsed after dinner. I think I was asleep by 9:30 and I woke up from this dream …

I like to make audio recordings of my dreams when I first wake up. I often fall back to sleep and don’t remember them, which makes them really interesting to stumble upon months later when I have literally no memory of them at all.

I love that random, on-another-planet quality of them.

Incase you were wondering, no. There is no possibility that I am pregnant or even can get pregnant. I’ve been menopausal for five years and I had my follicle stimulating hormone checked just to make sure there was no chance I was fertile. I was told that anything above 14 meant no more eggs. I was at 150. Or was it 1500? Either way, I’m not having a baby.

Jesus, that would be a damn disaster.

I am enjoying my life too much right now. I love everything that I am doing, all the exploration and delving into myself and my sweetheart. Even if I was pushing 41 and not 51, I would feel the same way.

In other news, a new pole studio opened in Boulder. And actually IN town rather than on the outskirts. I checked out the “about us” page and I didn’t recognize anyone.


I’m taking an intro to pole class tomorrow and I am repeating this mantra to myself.

I will not get involved with the business of the studio. I will not pursue teaching. I will not concern myself with the success or promotion of the business. I will not volunteer my time, resources, or connections. I will be a student and only a student. I will pay for classes and not get involved in personal relationships with anyone who works there. I am there to have fun and enrich my own life.

I am excited to wear some of my old pole outfits, though. I’m glad I still have booty shorts and bras from back in the day and I still like how I look in them.

All the more reason to not have another baby, even if I could. I’m excited to get some strength and tone back in the most fun way possible. Wish me luck and give me strength.

This one doesn’t need to change a thing. He is perfect.

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