Day 5 – Eugene and Cousins!

We packed up and left our place in Florence to head back to Eugene, but not before checking out some antique markets and rock shops first.

The guys were into finding vintage lighters and decorative knives. The knife thing isn’t as alarming as it may seem. Casey is super into camping gear as well as metallurgy. He’s been watching videos about people who make everything from scratch and has developed an interest in fine craftsmanship.

We ran into an old hippie who gave stuff away at his “store” just for a little company it seemed.

Back in Eugene we were joined by Larissa and Alicia, my nieces by marriage to Lonny. I’ve known them since they were 5 or 6 years old and I have always loved them fiercely. They happened to be in the area and are joining us for the Country Fair tomorrow, I cannot believe my luck.

I loved staying up and speaking as peers which, to be honest, they have felt like for a long time. I am determined to maintain these relationships and keep my family growing.

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