Eugene – Day Two

Day two in Eugene. I am loving the slow and unhurried pace, that feeling of absolute comfort being surrounded by my family.

Micah the giant (it’s the angle)

I am brought back to the days at Marcia’s where we concerned ourselves with simple things … what to cook for dinner, what small thing needed mending or improving, reliving our mutual escapades or sharing adventures from our youth.

Lauren is spending lots of time with my boys, cooking with them, revealing herself to them, it reminds me of when she and I met. I listen with relish, meeting her anew through their eyes and am just as impressed by her.

I am in love with her home and being surrounded by the things she has curated or made with her own hands. I snuck off with a gorgeous beaded necklace (if it can be called that) to wear it in a photo. I feel like myself, fully relaxed and embodied knowing that I am seen by her and my children for who I am. I am loved for who I am. I don’t need to try or impress. I can just be.

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