Covid Limbo, Sad Goodbye, Trifecta of Bullshit

Just when I was believing that My Sweetheart was immune to Covid, he got it.

I’m not sure where he picked it up, he has a friend who came down with it at the same time (she tested because we were in proximity and I alerted her) so maybe it came from her, maybe he gave it to her? Maybe we got it here? I don’t know.

We saw Thievery Corporation at The Mishawaka on Sunday with Andrew, our now former housemate. It was a beautiful evening. There were 17 people on a tiny stage, all masters of their craft and making the most beautiful music.

It’s been a particularly emotional time for My Sweetheart. My Sweetheart met Andrew at an acro yoga jam just 24 hours after Andrew moved to Fort Collins from overseas (I can’t remember where … France? Germany? Madagascar? He’s lived all over) totally broke and needing a place to stay. MS was in the final death throes of his marriage and his ex had already moved out, the house felt too big.

Andrew was the perfect housemate. He’s a musician, engineer, entrepreneur, avid all-things-exercise enthusiast, and one of the rare people that remembers minuta about movies and books the way I do. He set up shop in a wing of the house and worked all hours – often completely invisible to us – and would resurface at all hours to eat something and chat.

We weathered Covid together, relationship crises (his and ours), death of family members (his and mine), spent holidays together, went to shows together, worked out, put up with each other’s bullshit, and became family. I am especially honored to be a part of this family unit given that I kind of just showed up as the girlfriend and was welcomed in. There are few people I am as comfortable with as Andrew. He knows everything about me, is privy to my presence at all hours and in every condition, and has shown up for me in ways that most never have. I am sad to see him go, too.

But, while he arrived broke as a joke, that isn’t the case now. MS believed in him and he was right to. It was ridiculous that he was producing music, manufacturing clean room circuit boards, running a consulting business, and writing software in his two small rooms; he really needed more room and to park his money in some real estate.

If only it could have been next door.

He bought a house in Denver because he wanted a bigger city and better proximity to the airport. He picked now to do it because we are creeping up to our remodel, and all of us will need to move out for a couple of months. His house came through faster than anticipated and My Sweetheart is a complete mess. He bursts into tears at all hours and I wonder to myself how he would have handled actual empty nest syndrome. We are reminding ourselves that now we have a place to stay in Denver, which opens up a world of music for us. This relationship is far from over.

Anywho, we are staying close to home as MS gets better. He is sick, but not to sick to work from home and garden and wake me up in the middle of the night. Me? I am weirdly negative. It seems that even though we are immune to each other’s Covid (he never caught it when I had it in 2020) we are not immune altogether. I guess it’s a good thing that at least one of us is in working order.

Yeah, I’m going to stay home.

As yet I am still negative. I’ve taken three tests and they all come up the same. In the interest of not being labeled Covid-Viv I am quarantining per common sense as the CDC guidelines kinda suck.

I’m staying sane by tackling all kinds of stuff at the house which serves the dual purpose of filling me with that warm sense of accomplishment and to make the house feel good and not just a big reminder that Andrew is gone.

I moved all of my seasonal clothes out of our main closet and into what is now my space. I also emptied the fridge out, cleaned it, and restocked it. I’ve been blogging on the porch in the morning and babying my sweetheart.

This was after we dealt with what I call the Trifecta of Bullshit that started the morning he woke up sick. He also discovered that his iPhone was dead. The next 24 hours were spent in a barely contained state of panic as he set up a new phone (but lost 1.5 years of contacts and photos because his iCloud backup failed), I had to cancel our tickets to visit his father in Arkansas and was shocked that we actually got travel credit, and the high emotions because of Andrew.

I’ll be honest, I was at my wit’s end. The list of stuff I had to do reminded me of my personal assistant days, and not in a good way. It was fire after fire, and him not having a phone or contacts for 24 hours didn’t help. We are through it now and after I finish this post we are going to limit our activity to cards and snuggling.

But before all that shit happened, my sweet Caitlin came to Boulder and I got to spend some time with her. Thanks to all the assholes out there who traveled with Emotional Support Ducks and dogs that bit and shit on the floor, it is impossible to fly with animals anymore so she had to leave Juniper behind.

I am always so very happy to see her. I am sad she moved and I think about her every day. She tolerates my phone calls and we are doing a good job at staying connected.

Micah came with me to FOCO one day. Now he’s on the driving hours mission and driving north is a great way to rack up the hours.

I love it because I get to connect deeply with him. He has introduced me to so much great music. He tells me what to play next and we talk in depth about each song. It’s fascinating. I remember loving this process with Casey and I’m glad to have it with Micah.
Pink + White by Frank Ocean

The dogs are my copilots, they log lots on hours driving with me. I am looking forward to when I get my new car and these drives will be fueled with electricity and I will have more safety features.

We stopped at The Exchange first for their Chicken Cone and were joined by Kristin, a good friend. She ended up with us later at a Korean BBQ place.

There’s a really fun gift shop in Old Town that had a very necessary item for animals. Micah spent the night and then we drove home the next morning.

In Boulder I worked some and then spent all the rest of my time with my boys. I love those kids so fucking much. I miss them when I am in FOCO, it’s my struggle. Soon they will be off to their various summer trips so I hate to miss any opportunity to be with them.

Micah is particularly enjoying the summer. He’s been to the amusement park, has been swimming in the creek, loved the Creek Festival, is going on the cruiser ride, and is living it up with his friends. Casey already went camping with three of his friends in Vevauwoo. He planned the entire trip, made the menu and did the shopping and prep.

He had so much fun that he might go again before he goes to Scout Camp on the 18th.

And finally, a friend from Florida visited us in FOCO. We had a fun weekend jumping around.

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