March 29, 2022

I’m taking the day to catch up with editing photos and and blogging. As usual, my mind is blank so I’ll look through photos to jog my memory.

Oh! We went on our first ski weekend together. It’s actually the second but the first one was Nordic skiing so it doesn’t count (sorry Nina). We had an opportunity to see Opiou at a small venue in Frisco and decided to make a weekend of it.

We stopped at Idaho Springs to check out Indian Hotsprings and have lunch, then had a final cider and game of cards at the Mountain Sun, which is finally open after being closed for Covid.

Still can’t get enough of playing Spite and Malice.

We joke about getting matching Spite and Malice tattoos which, though clever, still feels like it might come back to haunt us. We settled for temporary tattoos.

We are spending more time with the boys. Casey came to FOCO for an evening and it feels so much more relaxed. The boys are getting along much better now, too. I never thought it would happen but it’s actually pleasant to be around them together, they don’t bicker incessantly anymore.

I was told this would happen but I didn’t believe it. This gives me hope for our upcoming trip to Mexico. We’ve all camped together and spent a few weekends, but going on vacation is an entirely different story. I’m hoping I will still be engaged when it’s over.

The boys were gone for Spring Break. They both went with the Scouts to canyoneer in Southern Utah. Micah did Paria River adventure (40 mile through backpacking trip) and Casey did a desert high adventure (tons of repelling and caving).

I have no idea where they were but I got daily pins from their satellite phone that showed me their locations.

One of my clients was gone for the break so I decided to hang out in Fort Collins. My kids are pretty much the only thing that keeps me in Boulder right now. I fill the time between breakfast and dinner with clients because, well, what else have I got to do? It was a luxurious 9 days of less driving, though not none because while my sweetheart was at work I drove to Longmont a couple times to see Rachel and get my hair cut by Penny. I also came back to Boulder one day to flip my house and get my first colonoscopy.

Warm blankies, socks, great drugs

It really wasn’t that big of a deal. I’ve been around people who’ve gotten them enough times to know that the worst part is the prep. I got different instructions from the doctor’s office and the hospital and ended up going with the more extreme version which kept me off food for 48 hours. That wasn’t the worst thing in the world except I was with my sweetheart and we like to eat together so it was a drag to be deprived of that, but it wasn’t unbearable.

Honestly, the hardest part about it was figuring out how to get to Boulder and back without driving myself (because sedation) and time it so I wasn’t on an hour-long drive while being the human butt-faucet. Long story short, I was going to take the bus at the crack of dawn but Andrew (the housemate) offered to drive me since he could post up in my house and work while I had my procedure and then drive me home. Thanks Andrew! My sweetheart would have driven me but he had a client meeting that he couldn’t miss. Ultimately it all worked out and I don’t have to go back until 2029; I had one small benign polyp which puts me on a 7 year cycle.

We enjoyed some beautiful spring weather for a few days and I busted out a sundress and we got foot massages and had margaritas outside in the glorious sunshine.

… annnnd then it’s back to this shit.

We have a friend that started out as my sweetheart’s friend but recently admitted that she likes me much more than she likes him.

That shit happens.

One day she and I decided to get foot massages which turned into an all afternoon into the evening thing. We relaxed, we got food, we sat in the hot tub, and then we “played Bumble” on her account since she’s a single lady. The dating scene is crazy. I’m so glad I connected with my sweetheart as quickly as I did.

We did some dancing during the week. It is getting more fun and less nerve wracking. I think my favorite part is the way he puts his arm all the way across my back and holds me so close.

We offset all the food we eat by constantly working on our fitness. I swear we would be a lost without our routine.

The dogs are oh-so-helpful.

My boys got out of the canyons on Friday and Saturday, taking a couple days to get home. They are such their own people and I have to love them for who they are. Case in point, when they got out of the canyons Micah immediately texted me, called, and sent photos.

He sent a ton of photos and videos.

Casey, on the other hand, sent nothing. I didn’t even know he was back until the leader sent me this photo.


No word from him at all until I finally broke down and texted him.

Nice photo from a car window. No message.

I got back to Boulder and got to spend time with them. They even stayed up to 11 with me talking about the trip. I was in heaven.

It is wonderful being with them. We all talked about being more intentional about our time together. Tuesdays we catch a movie and dinner at the movie bistro, it’s a nice new tradition. I swear they both grew in the nine days they were gone.

It’s hard being apart from my sweetheart. We thrive on being together and I can feel us fray around the edges after a few days. I get distant and weird. It is what it is but it sure was nice to not have to constantly reacquaint ourselves. I’m obsessed with him.

Fortunately it’s mutual.

While we are on the subject of obsessions …

Look at this cat!

I’ve managed to stay in touch with friends. Amy threw a belated birthday lunch for me with Sarah, Emily and Crystal in attendance. They gave me another ceramic piece by one of my favorite artists! It was so nice to hang out with friends in someone’s home. We decided to keep it going as a monthly thing.

I have it on my calendar to have breakfast with my old colleague, Don Yannacito, every six months. We got together at Dot’s for a wonderful download.

I ran into Chris Rauchnot and his girlfriend (hooray!) at Costco one day. He lives in Telluride and for some reason I have run into him twice at Costco. It’s better than nothing!

I had a date with Claire in Fort Collins as I work to build up my group of friends. I saw Maya that morning as well (it was a banner day!) but I didn’t take any photos. It was great seeing both of them.

Lunch at the Little Bird

On a final – and sad – note, the last Silver Maple in front of Lonny’s house had to come down.

I remember lying in bed on the 3rd floor with Casey as a newborn. The window above the bed looked out to Pine Street and the Silver Maple crowns were at the same hight. I so clearly recall seeing them reflected in Casey’s huge blue eyes. Sigh.

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