February 10, 2022

My sweetheart and I had a date night last night, although every time we get together feels like a date night. I wonder how long this blissful New Relationship Energy will last? It’s stronger now than I was when we first met.

Every now and then he will take pictures of me but I must say that I am way better with self portraits, I get self conscious when someone else is behind the camera unless it is a professional and they won’t laugh at me for posing so shamelessly.

We went to Jaws for dinner, our favorite sushi place in FOCO. It’s an unassuming strip mall restaurant and so good. I love that about Fort Collins. I like a fancy night out but I also enjoy a low key evening.

Our tango lessons continue. They are informal, he doesn’t really talk about what he’s doing, he just rolls it out … like the very confused lift at the end. I had no idea what was happening! But I will next time. And I love that this is about learning feel him and follow his lead. I’m letting go of trying to forecast his every move. I have no idea what he is about to do but if I’m relaxed he will guide me into it.

I can feel myself relaxing. He’s pulling me closer as we dance, not needing to exert as much control on my forearms, and we watch the video together to critique. My hips are too open for tango and I can now see what his body position is signaling me to do next. I really am loving dancing with him each night.

We will go back to Santa Fe in the spring where we will stay with Christa and Jaimes and I can get more formal instruction but I actually like the playful way he is teaching me right now. It feels sexy and fun.

I caught a nasty cold last weekend. It’s not COVID, I got tested, but I completely lost my voice and have a cough. I veered off the highway on the way home to my favorite Mexican place that has great soup.

Sancho’s spicy seafood soup. I am healed!

I’m afraid that I’ll be coughing for a month, like I usually do. These days there is nothing more awkward than coughing in public, even with a mask.

I stopped at the Cottonwood Trail to walk Chief.

Fat but cute

Caitlin sent me a video of Juniper biting another dog’s face like she and Chief used to. I miss them both.

She also texted me this today …

Of course I took it as an opportunity to flex on my new “relationship” with Dan Savage. He and I DM funny shit we see on the internet. It’s an imaginary friend situation but you know me, I like to make it weird.

It’s also my dad’s birthday. Happy Birthday Dad! He’s 82 and living his best life.

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