Family Camp 2021

I’m trying to get into a rhythm now that school has started. These days are a strange mixture of the familiar and the all-too-familiar.

My biggest fear was that the year would start and Casey would find himself starting over socially, given that he spent his entire sophomore year on-line. My fears were soon dispelled when he appeared to seamlessly reintegrate into his school life.

I gave both boys debit cards several years back as a way to automate their allowances and to easily pay them to do certain tasks, like help me with flipping my Airbnb. The app alerts me when they spend money, which I could turn off but I’ll admit that I find it interesting to see what they are up to. I was really happy when I saw that Casey got something to eat on the mall, presumably with friends, not long into the first week.

Micah started high school without any drama as far as I could tell. He has had the same group of friends since early elementary school and it has eased all his transitions so far.

These are but a few of his core group of friends. They stayed close during lockdown and provide a safe zone of familiarity wherever he goes.

I endeavor to get a group of families together every summer for a group camping trip. Each year becomes increasingly more challenging due to everyone’s busy schedules. Also difficult is finding a place that is close enough to not add hours of travel time.

We almost gave up this year until when one of the people I work for offered me her property just above Jamestown. The only time we were all available was after school started, but close enough. Me and three other families met there to enjoy 48 hours of distraction free time together.

There were four scouts there (3 boys and 1 girl) and my heart delighted to see kids set aside their devices for the simpler pleasures of playing cards, whittling, braiding hair, and chopping wood.

I do my best to make the trips about enjoying time away rather than domestic work only harder because we are in the mountains. One family takes responsibility for a meal for the entire group so no one has to work too hard. I encourage people to think simple. I really do love being with other moms because we all share similar sensibilities and forward thinkingness when it comes to being prepared. It is like relaxing into the arms of other women, truly the best feeling.

My sweetheart came along, his second family camp. It’s a different scene than he’s used to and I must admit we bring some New Relationship Energy to the mix.

I love it that he isn’t completely unfamiliar to my friends. We are all slowly adjusting to the changes. I’m not the first to divorce and recouple but it is always a little jarring to introduce a new person/relationship dynamic to a group of people so well established. I have to give him credit for being the New Guy, it isn’t easy.

I love it that he took Micah fly fishing for the first time. I’ve been trying to get this to happen for a while now, and it finally materialized. He and Jason and Micah took off on an excursion. My sweetheart showed them his favorite fishing spots he curated back when he lived in Boulder 20 years ago. Micah loved learning and it’s the perfect way for them to get comfortable with each other. I’m a fan of parallel tasks as a means for breaking the ice.

Meanwhile, the rest of us went to Ceran St. Vrain, just down the road, to hike and swim. The water was freezing but it didn’t stop the kids from getting in. We saw some moose (meese?) and cooled off.

We were able to a have a fire, which was a true pleasure. Without the fire people tend to go to their tents early but the fire kept everyone up and talking until the wee hours. The kids were almost completely in their own world which left us free to sip on whiskey and talk.

Jen and Michael own a craft chocolate company so we were treated to artisanal treats all weekend. Of course there was “slave chocolate” (aka Hershey’s) as they like to call it, for s’mores. Their company, Moksha Chocolate, is an organic bean-to-bar artisan chocolate company made with locally sourced Peruvian cacao. While I’m not really a chocolate person, their white chocolate bars with raspberries and blueberries are my weakness.

I am really grateful to my employer for letting us descend upon their property for the weekend, it was perfect.

Annnnd then we got back and found out that one of the kids there wasn’t feeling well and what do you know … she had Covid. She didn’t get terribly ill (thank goodness) but it was just one week into school starting and we were facing quarantining again.

Fortunately her brother who tented with Micah, tested negative so we weren’t impacted, but it showed us how tenuous our newfound liberty is. And now this week Casey isn’t feeling well. There isn’t a rapid test to be found anywhere and besides, the school district requires a negative PCR test or 10-day quarantine if anyone shows any symptoms of Covid, or say a common cold.

One can’t be too careful so he’s staying home pending his test results, but this sucks.

Yay Boulder!

Because of my work I wear masks at all times when indoors, even before the indoor mask policy was reinstated in Boulder. I’m enjoying being able to do things and go places while I can because I have no idea how long it will last.

I’m also walking with Albany a lot these days, we try to do the valley at least three times a week with the dogs.

And in other news, I cut my hair for the first time in a over a year. It was so lovely to see Penny and get a little update on my look.

She took some length off to clean up my ends and added long layers so I can wear it down. For fun she curled it for this photo. I like it, it’s soft and feminine and I also think it’s time to color my gray. I don’t have much and I’d just do the front but I’m tired of my crazy wild hairs right now.

Here’s my 30-second monthly recap …

Anywhoo, my computer is about to run out of charge so I’m gonna go.

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