Puerto Vallarta and Travel During Covid

The plan was to spend today blogging about my trip to Hawaii with the boys. I sat down in my office (aka the front porch at my Sweetheart’s) and fired up my new computer (thanks Dad and Mac!) and started by cleaning up my desktop, deleting screenshots, etc. I always drop the photos I plan on using into the designated Untitled Folder but what? it’s full of pictures from my May trip to Mexico? Please tell me I already blogged about that … heck.

Change of plan. This is going to be a Mexico blog. Hawaii will have to wait, hopefully not two months.

We scheduled our flight to Puerto Vallarta for two weeks after our second Covid vaccination. We, like everyone else, have been hanging our future travel on when we’d be able to do so safely. We settled on Puerto Vallarta because 1) Steven and 2) it’s fast and easy.

I spent the night in Fort Collins so we could drive together to the airports also because I love driving so much and simply cannot get enough. Is that a hint of sarcasm? Yes it is. But this is our first plane ride after a year+ of sheltering in place and we wanted the full experience. For David that means stopping off at the airport bar for breakfast and a Bloody Mary.

Getting to Mexico was easy peasy except for a really long wait in emigration. I’m not sure why there were only two officers processing tourists, it seems it would behoove the economy to get us in there and spending money.


Eventually we got out of there and were at our Airbnb. Steven guided me to the area he thought would be the best for us, the Zona Romantica, where all the restaurants, cabarets, and shopping is. It’s kind of like Pearl Street but in Mexico, and our place was right in it. Our host told us that the whole building was mostly Airbnbs except for two units. My feelings about Airbnb are so mixed. It has been such a boon for me but one cannot help but wonder where the people who live here live?

Right in the thick of things but the room itself was very quiet

Here’s the link to the space if you are looking for somewhere to stay.

We dropped off our things and then go right to it. Time for a margarita and lunch.

I called Steven and arranged to meet him for dinner after our post lunch nap, workout and pool time. He picked La Dolce Vita which was just down the street. Nothing wasn’t just down the street from us.

There was the best little breakfast place just next door to our place and we ended up going every day. It was called Café Olla and it had the most amazing coffee and delicious, cheap breakfast. As the morning wore on there were always lines out the door but we managed to get there in time to secure the same table every day.

Of course I asked Steven where the best place to stay would be and he suggested Manta Mar, the gayest beach club in the area. Needless to say I was in heaven. I can best describe our day there as “loopy” and we wound our way back home around 2 or 3, I can’t remember, but we took it upstairs and cuddled by the pool and then napped before dinner.

Things kind of went downhill from there. We got stuck in decision fatigue and put off picking a place to eat by having cocktails which meant David went way too long without eating and then couldn’t eat. Now I know this dynamic, I’ve deal with it when my kids were little and the only thing to do is put him to bed and try again in the morning.

The next day we walked around the city and saw the sights. David stayed at Casa de la Torre years ago and wanted to find it. He’s been dying to stay there again. I went in search of pom-poms.

We noticed a really beautiful hotel rooftop from our place which made us want to solve the mystery of the giant vine growing out of the 6th floor stairwell.

With a little searching we found Casa Dona Susana I’m putting the link here for future travel needs. It has a much more traditional Spanish/Mexican sensibility which would be fun to enjoy when we come again.

We met Steven for lunch but first ended up at the wrong place which had such an interesting menu that we decided to come back for dinner. We had the the loviest meal, traditional Yucatan cuisine interpreted by a fine chef in an artful space. The had an indoor/outdoor vibe with a live singer whose rendition of Wicked Games gave me chills.

We weren’t that hungry but our waiter insisted that we have a full meal experience and it was worth it!

It was a shame that Steven wasn’t performing the weekend we were there. He was working on setting a new show and took the weekend off to perfect it. I guess this means we will just have to come back.

The next morning we attempted to finish off our tequila and get a little last bit of pool time in before we returned home.

We tried to get tested in town but literally no one knew where to go, not even the pharmacies that offer tests! Hotels offer the service but we were SOL at our Airbnb. If I can impart any advice about this process, make sure to screenshot all QR codes and documents so you can pull them up without connectivity. My Sweetheart was having problems with his phone but fortunately I had all his codes on my phone.

Social distancing and Covid safety seemed to be more theater than anything else. Yes, there were thermometers at every entrance where you could take your temperature but no enforcement, also there was hand sanitizers everywhere but forgive me if I’m wrong, didn’t we establish that Covid was more of an airborne issue? Anyway, the airport was packed and the fact that I didn’t get sick on this trip is simply proof that vaccines work.

Now that the Delta variant is ripping through communities I can only imagine that it won’t be long until another one comes along that defeats our current vaccines (thanks GOP and vaccine/Covid deniers) and we will be back under house arrest again. I’m just glad we got to do a little traveling.

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