Anita’s Obituary

My brother-in-law, Roy, wrote the obituary for his mother and my mother-in-law, Anita. I’m putting it here because I know it won’t get lost.

Anita Frye

Anita M. Frye, 90, died in Asheville NC on April 13, 2021. She had been a resident of Midland for more than 60 years before leaving in 2015 to be cared for by her surviving children: Karen Frye of Asheville, Roy Frye of Pittsburgh, and Lonny Frye of Boulder CO. She was preceded in death by her son David Frye who died in 1992 in Boulder, and her husband Cecil Frye who died in 2010 in Midland. 

Anita was a longtime member of the Midland Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship and was also active with bridge groups, a book group, Theatre Guild, the League of Women Voters, a discussion group for Midland landladies (a mutual help group for women who owned and managed rental properties), square dance and contra dance groups, and a sailing club at Wixom Lake. She served on the Midland Municipal Planning/Zoning Commission for several years, and in her later years Anita enjoyed Garden Club events and ushering for performances at the Center for the Arts. 

Born in Detroit to German immigrant parents, Anita Hildenbrand graduated from Denby High School in 1947 and then attended University of Michigan where she earned a B.S. in Chemistry; 

later Anita often remarked that she was very appreciative and proud to have been a member of Henderson House during her Ann Arbor college years. At U of M she met Cecil Frye whom she married in 1954. They moved to Midland where Cec was hired as a research chemist at Dow Corning. During the late 1950s Anita and her young family lived for a few years in State College PA while Cec earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry at Penn State before returning to Midland for a long career as an organosilicon chemist at Dow Corning. For several decades Anita and Cec lived in a house surrounded by old growth forest at the end of Pinehurst Court in the west end of Midland where during the 1990s Anita enjoyed having her granddaughters stay for long summer visits. Anita is survived by seven grandchildren, a step-grandson, and three great-grandchildren. 

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  1. You were a great Daughter in Law to Anita when she would stay with your family in Boulder!!!!!! ❤️

  2. The time you spent caring for her was defining. I admired the grace you brought to it. I am sorry for the loss, but from the outside, it seemed a well lived. Sending hugs to those missing her including your kiddos.

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