The Queen of England

I wrote this almost a month but it’s just now getting posted. Oopsie.

I dreamt I was hanging out with the Queen of England, traveling back and forth in time to be around her when she was young and old. 

I was not a friend, not a reporter, just an observer, but my presence was real as opposed to some kind of third person omniscient situation. 

She had a self-playing piano which was on at all times. When she was a young mother she loved blue jeans. I was invited to participate in their foot races in the palace and eat with them, though I never did. I had to resist the urge to talk to her, to share with her how I felt, because I knew it wasn’t appropriate. 

It was a short but very detailed dream. I’m not sure where any of it came from. Yes, I watched The Crown and loved it but it’s been a while. I didn’t follow the Meghan Markel interview, nor do I care. It’s odd what the sub-conscious serves up. 

The snow last week was nuts. The storm took its sweet time getting here, leading to playful exchanges about it being a liberal hoax. And like all purported liberal hoaxes, it was actually true!

If you know this game, you can appreciate how odd my hand is.

My sweetheart and I made the most of it, holing up with cards and movies and venturing outside with our snowshoes to get some exercise. I’m loving the hot tub more than ever.

Prior to the storm we went to a restaurant called Safta. We were there at 4:30 (my favorite time for dinner) and there was no one within 20 feet of us, the food was divine. It was such a rare treat. 

I got my senior care certificate over the weekend. It was the perfect thing to do while waiting out the storm. I also built my website … well, Nina did most if the work. I loaded the content and she made it pretty. I’m about ready to launch it and start looking for work. 

Home life is good, too. Right now I’m figuring out ways to discourage younger folks from renting from me. While age discrimination is illegal, I can certainly word my listing to make it less enticing because I’m getting sick of cleaning up after people that have no respect for property. 

You can always tell when someone doesn’t own or rent a home they give a shit about. There is always dirt and dried mud on the floor and the house hasn’t been taken care of well. It’s always two couples trying to economize. 

I’ve changed my listing to only accommodate 3 people and set hard rules about removing shoes and not vaping indoors. I hate it when people ruin things for everyone. This is my home and I love it. It’s not a crash pad.

I replaced some of the nice, old rugs I have with these inexpensive new ones. I really love the color and at $100 each, it won’t be the end of the world if something happens to them. They are synthetic so I can hose them off outside. 

I’m moving more art and things like that to my sweetheart’s home, or the Tiny. All my spaces should feel personal.

I’m also redoing the counters and adding a glass shower surround to replace the curtain. I love working on my house. It feels like an investment in my future, not someone else’s. 

It’s my future and theirs. I hope that Lonny and I will be able to leave houses to each of them.

I took the boys out for a bento lunch yesterday. The weather was nice and we sat on the patio at Japango. 

Despite Casey’s disdain for all seafood, he enjoys California rolls and for once I found a place that both kids get excited about. I could eat this every day for lunch. And Safta for dinner.

I’ve enjoyed a nice 3-day stay at my house, someone checks in tomorrow for the weekend. Words cannot express how good it feels to be here with Casey, how easy it is. 

Micah comes over for meals but in general seems to prefer Lonny’s. That okay with me as long as he feels welcomed and wanted here. I wish he was here more but I want to respect his wishes. I’m really glad he will be going back to in-person learning after Spring Break. Casey has to wait until the Fall but he’s kicking ass at remote learning and at least his Ultimate Frisbee team is meeting again for practice. 

They have a great summer coming up. Scout camp in South Dakota in June, Hawaii with me in July, and an 11-day canoeing trip on the Canadian Boundary waters in August.

Also, 50 year-olds qualify for the vaccine on Friday. I’m sure there will be a stampede at first, but this means my sweetheart will get vaccinated shortly. I am 49 so I’ll have to wait for the next round, but I’ve had Covid and the projected time is April. My god, I cannot imagine how it will feel to be protected. Yes, I will still wear a mask, but to be able to freely see people and hug …

My sweetheart wrote the nicest thing for me on Valentine’s Day. I’m putting this here because I don’t want it to get lost.

I love this man. He’s been such a wonderful partner in love and growth. I intend for my life to stay on this upward trajectory. 

That’s me. Fast as fuck.

2 thoughts on “The Queen of England

  1. I am having my second cup of coffee enjoying your post. The letter your sweetie wrote you was so lovely. I’m glad you are with someone who appreciates all of your wonderful qualities. About your house…. I know you love beautiful things and I am glad you were able to find pretty, but practical rugs. It is very brave of you to let people stay in a place that you love so much. When Basil and I stay at my sister’s mountain cabin it is cleaner when we leave than when we get there. I always tell my sister to not let their management company charge them for cleaning, it will be spotless when we leave. Having a beautiful mountain cabin to stay in free, I could not imagine my sister paying someone to clean up after us. You and your family would love it there! They rent it out year long. It is right on the confluence of the Rogue and Illinois River. There is rafting, a fun swim hole,and lots of outdoor adventures.

    • Ooh! That sounds amazing! Where is it? Maybe I should go there with my boys!

      It is difficult renting a place that I am so personally invested in. It makes such a huge difference when my guests communicate that they appreciate it and I can’t help but feel a little affronted when folks leave it really dirty or do damage. I have a tricky double door and it says right on it what order to close the doors and not to slam it. I had guests that obviously just slammed it over and over again to get it to close (which it won’t) and chipped the wood. It was so upsetting to me. It’s usually the young people looking for an economy trip and doubling up. They also stunk the place up with vape. It smelled like a Jolly Rancher in there.

      Lonny had great advice … raise the price and only allow 3 people and charge $500 if there is evidence of smoking/vaping in the house. I also said that I’m “just next door on the other side of the fence” which I’m not, but hopefully that will keep young partiers out.

      But I’ve also had incredibly sweet and appreciative young people, too. I hate it when people ruin it for everyone.

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