Epic Politics (but not really) Dream

I’ve been in my house since Sunday and every single night I’ve had very vivid dreams. They always set the tone for the day and even if they aren’t “good” dreams. Having had an interesting dream starts me off on a good foot. Last night’s was a doozy, buckle up because it is all over the place.

Story of our lives. I’m down.

It started with me at a diner with friends and my kids. I think Lonny was there. An extremely old woman walked in – if you could call it walking – and toppled over as she tried to seat herself at the bar. Lonny and I both saw what was about to happen and were lurching towards her but didn’t make it to her in time. We were afraid she had died from the fall but when I went to her she was alert. She had a cut on the back of her head where she landed which would have not worried me as much except for her age.

I yelled out for someone to call 911 and sat on the floor with her. She kept trying to move which would cause her to cry out in pain so I did my best to distract her with conversation and keep her still. I found out she was 100 years-old and had 15 children and “hundreds” of grandchildren. She was so frail looking, almost a skeleton, but we talked and connected until the EMTs arrived and took her away. I promised to visit her but even as she was taken out the door I could feel her name slipping away.

I went to my sweetheart’s house which was more of an apartment and there were strange people there. The kitchen was a mess and I started cleaning it up, it was hard to tell what was trash and what wasn’t so I did my best. A woman there barked at me for washing something that I shouldn’t have or something petty like that. I set down the sponge and left the room, she followed me, apologizing.

At that time I just wanted my space, I was hungry having not eaten because of the accident and feeling sensitive. I wanted to be alone and not have to endure this woman’s performance of apology. I told her I was exhausted from trying to make sense of other people’s chaos and didn’t appreciate being yelled at for doing it wrong despite zero guidance. She kept trying to force her way into the room, tears running down her face. I blocked her entrance and begged her to leave me alone.

Then the situation transitioned to me being in a very nice hotel room, getting ready to attend a Presidential address, it wasn’t the orange buffoon. It was being held at a very fancy convention center, outside in a courtyard. I put on heels and a fitted white dress, my friend Mimi was there wearing black. There were only 50 or so in attendance and she and I waited excitedly for the event to start. I then decided I needed to leave my seat go inside the center. Inside I got lost in thought and when I went back out I realized the event had started and there was no way for me to get back to my seat. I was missing it.

I made eye contact with Mimi who then left her seat and came to me.

“What are you doing? You are missing it!” she said.

“I know, but I can’t just walk in front of the President and sit down. Now there are two empty seats!” I replied.

We decided we were going to find a back way in which led to an adventure-like sequence of us scaling walls, jumping from high places, and walking along rooftops in our heels and dresses. At one point I was running so fast, exhilarated by the absolute ease. This led us to a construction site that we had to cross in order to scale a wall and drop down to our seats. We walked onto the site and realized it was freshly poured concrete, our feet sunk into the muck. We were barely able to cross it and climb out onto a grate, we were trapped.

The construction crew knew they would have to rescue us but they decided to teach us a lesson first. They picked up the grate we were on with a crane and lowered us into the cement, submerging us before sucking us up into a giant tube that carried us up several floors, depositing us into a Chinese restaurant.

We were covered with hardening cement and Mimi said we should give up on the event and get a hotel room to clean up in. I said there wouldn’t be any, with the President in town. We left the restaurant and she started looking for houses that looked unoccupied. We were in what looked like a Mexican resort, where there were houses scattered around tropical gardens. We saw one with the door open and she thought it would be alright. I was concerned because not only did it look like someone was home, it looked like sketchy things were happening there, but she insisted.

There were two naked men in the house. There looked to be vomit on the floor but it was otherwise a nice place, very open and sunny with plants everywhere. They put on skimpy Speedos in front of us, but first lingering so we could see their genitals, like it was some kind of feast for the eyes. They had a lot of body hair, like Tom Selleck back in the day. I happen to prefer very little body hair. They were obviously very proud of their small members but at least sexual harassment ended there.

They offered us hallucinogens, which we declined. We were exhausted and hungry, though somehow no longer covered in cement. A small crowd gathered in the house, wanting to know how we got there. I started to tell the story of my epic day, beginning at the diner. Mimi wanted to tell the story, too, so we tag teamed the retelling as more and more people joined us in the living room, eagerly listening to our saga.

I woke up in the midst of reconstructing the dream for my audience, my room just barely light from the sun, Chief snoozing at my side. I decided to take the time to write this down before I get on with my day. I am clearing out today to make way for my guests.

There is a dishwasher to empty, my bed to strip and remake, towels and a table cloth to launder, and then I will give the house a thorough cleaning and airing out. I have enjoyed my days here. I love getting up and making coffee, Casey sleeping on the couch. I’ll take Chief for a hike with A’s dog (the woman I work for) and then set about putting her house in order while listening to podcasts. It is work I know, work I understand. On the surface it is manual labor, which I prefer to sitting at a desk, but I know I am adding value, I am supporting another woman.

Yesterday I left work around 1:00 and ate my lunch while Casey drove around for an hour, he needs to get his drive time in. Then he played disc golf with Lonny and Micah came over, I made potato soup that we ate together while watching cooking shows, his favorite thing to do. I took him home after dark, bringing a few things with me to The Tiny in order to expedite today’s efforts.

We ended up at Costco where I bought him a slice of pizza (eaten in the parking lot, NOT while driving).

When I’m done with my day I will drive to FOCO to spend the night with my sweetheart. I often tell him about my dreams, he wants to hear them. I don’t know if I will tell him this one, it is too sprawling. I could take this dream apart and connect each element of it to something that happened to me, something I watch on TV, something I thought, something I read about … it all makes sense.

Here’s some other dreams …

Here’s something that I really loved. It’s worth taking the time and the eyestrain to read each of the things one should not be ashamed of.

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  1. I just got back from CA. It is nice getting caught up reading your blogs. I am always so impressed with how well you can remember your dreams.

    • Hi! I hope your trip to CA went well, your family is going through so much. Seems we are both on parallel tracks with mothers and terminal cancer, it’s an unfortunate thing to have in common. I hope you are okay. I am going to Junction this week to see Marcia and have an early Xmas celebration while she still can.

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