Thanksgiving 2020

I saw Marcia over Thanksgiving. Yes, yes, I know, Covid and staying home. But this wasn’t about turkeys or family traditions that can be put off another year. This is about seeing someone perhaps for the last time.

So I went with my boys after having gotten tested. I want them to know her and they are finally an age where they can. It was a very meaningful time.

Mostly we just hung out with her. She loves to be touched right now so I mostly sat close to her and held her.

Making pie with Micah

We weren’t sure whether we would have Thanksgiving dinner with Marcia, but we cooked anyway. Well, Lauren cooked. My entire contribution was gravy as I spent the day with Marcia while Lauren cooked with whichever boy was with her.

As it happened, Marcia felt good enough to have dinner with us. Despite the circumstances, it felt joyous and celebratory and I got that old festive feeling that always permeated gatherings at Marcia’s.

I spent the night with her, lying next to her in the overheated room, giving her husband a night off from duty. It is a truly trying time for everyone. In some ways I felt like I was more there for Lauren and David than anyone. Their work is endless and exhausting.

I FaceTimed with my sweetheart on Thanksgiving and it was oddly satisfying to see his face while we talked. I never thought I would enjoy it.

After a couple days we drive home. I dropped the boys off and pressed on to FOCO. So much time on the road these days.

We went for a masked hike with friends, it felt good to be active after days of sitting on my ass.

For our Thanksgiving meal I made a Persian tahdig based on a recipe I got from Instagram.

Starting last night and into the morning I experienced vertigo for the first time. If I moved my head the room would spin.

I remember hearing a news story about calcium crystals in the inner ear being responsible and simple, yet proscribed, movements would fix it. Enter Web MD.

It worked!

Now I’m back in the Tiny House. It feels wonderful to be here. Tonight after dinner Casey set up the projector and put on Community. I dozed through several episodes and I’m not gonna lie, it was heaven.

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