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Since I’m thinking about long-term solutions to my income/living situation, being in The Tiny is definitely a part of that equation. It allows me to have an autonomous space when I’m renting out my house.

I realized that I better get comfortable in the Tiny House after getting some bad news about my remodel. I was hoping to add a second floor so I could rent out the first floor awhile having a permanent place to live.

There are issues with permitting (I’m going to need to go through a lengthy process to get some variances approved, could take 18 months) and the current pandemic situation has building materials doubling in price. It’s crazy. Waiting will allow me to …

  1. Apply for the variance, which I should do because if this is going to cost a bundle, it might as well be exactly what I want
  2. Not spend my savings while my house is off the rental market for renovations, especially with things being so unpredictable
  3. Keep saving money since Airbnb is pretty good right now
  4. Find other sources of income (like a job would be great) so I don’t need to rely entirely on my house for income
  5. Allow my house to earn for a couple years so I can qualify for a loan
  6. Let the materials market calm down

As much as I would love to start building my addition, I can’t see dropping $300K on 400 square feet. Seems like a lot? It is. The whole house and foundation needs to be reconstructed to accommodate a second floor and I will need to replace the windows, insulation, roof, HVAC, etc., to bring it up to Boulder’s energy efficiency standards. If this weren’t Boulder and the location so perfect, I would punt. But I love my neighborhood and an addition makes sense.

Soooo I’m back to chilling at the Tiny. Man, I am feeling pretty smart about building it. I’m sure Lonny feels differently but given that access to the Tiny while I get back on my feet is the only thing I asked for in the divorce, I think he got off pretty easy.

I took some more pictures of it because I’ve made small changes that feel big to me. I asked Micah if he could tell all that I did and he gave me that blank stare. So it goes.

I’m spiffing it up as much as I can so staying here feels like a treat.

The Tiny House is still too big for this little dog, he needs an even tinier space to make him feel secure.

In a perfect world, I would sleep in my actual house on Sunday, Monday and Tuesdays. I would rent it out on Wednesday (when I’m in FOCO), and then sleep in the Tiny on Thursday. So I’d actually only be in it one night a week. It’s nice enough to be in much more than that, but when I look at it from the perspective of a once-a-week place, it’s more than adequate. It’s downright deluxe.

If you are wondering how the dogs get up and down from the sleeping loft, I made this little video.

No disasters yet

I saw this on IG, Márion and David’s 5 year anniversary. Can I just say that I have NEVER seen a hotter looking groom than him?

Seeing her freestyle videos are a little burst of beauty that I have come to rely on.

I love how she gives me a shout out. She always makes me feel special.

My sweetheart and I are enjoying the fall weather. We took a little walk and just happened to take the best family picture ever.

All smiles

I saw another Praying Mantis in his rock garden, positive signs abound

And check out Josie, the cutest little Cockapoo at the bike shop!

So cute. I die.

Look who is afraid of everything …

To be fair, that’s pretty freaky. It’s also our third pass!

I’m working on this.

Funny stuff on the internet

I’m on my way to Santa Fe with BF. We had so many plans to travel internationally this year, all scrapped, so short and drivable trips are the next best thing. I’m looking forward to being in Santa Fe, it’s been over 25 years since I’ve been there.

We are definitely getting takeout from Pasquale’s. I ate there 25 years ago and still remember the delicious breakfast quesadilla and papas fritas. The tortilla was so soft and fresh, the eggs so fluffy.

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