A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to FOCO

Not really funny ha-ha, more like funny OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M STILL ALIVE!

I might be a little dramatic.

So yesterday was dry, hot and blustery AF. I went walking with Tabby and since she is landed gentry, she relies on her well to irrigate her 30+ acres of property.

When is it going to bloody rain? We haven’t had a drop all fall!

(Said in a thick, barely inteligible British accent)

Cheff is scared of her chickens

I headed to FOCO later that day, just making it onto I-25 off Mineral Road when I heard a bad sound coming from my car. I looked over and saw the passenger in the car next to me wildly gesticulate to my roof.

There’s a lot of construction on the way to FOCO and I was lucky that I was in an area that actually had a shoulder to pull onto. Chief was in the car with me so I had to be very careful getting out because he tends to try to exit the car first. The last thing I need is Chief getting hit by a dozen cars on I-25.

I slipped out of the van and assessed the situation.

The latch to the roof box broke and the wind ripped the lid open and the entire box cracked.

There was no way for me to secure it shut so I had to figure out how to get it off my roof. I didn’t have any tools and I couldn’t open the sliding door to get high enough to work on it, so I climbed on the roof and sat inside the box.

Fortunately the screws were meant to be tightened by hand and from the inside and I was able to get it unfastened. Meanwhile cars are whipping by at 75 MPH and the wind is blowing like crazy. I’m sure I was quite a sight. I didn’t know what to do with the box because there’s no way I could get it in the van without Chief running out, so I pushed it off the van into the ditch.

A magnificently bearded man pulled over and came to my assistance.

“This doesn’t look like a good situation. How can I help you?”

At that point I only needed him to cram the box in my van while I held the dog. And I was on my way.

I had a nice evening with my sweetheart. We decided to block out the world and make a nice dinner, play my favorite card game, and then watch an uplifting human experience series on the iPad while soaking in the tub (This is Us). We don’t need politics and dystopian landscapes right now.

AND IT WORKED! We actually had a really lovely evening that felt like life before the pandemic, where the evening was all about us. And he did it, he made it happen because he knew I needed it. Because I asked for it. Funny ow that works.

But don’t let me forget, it was Micah’s birthday! He’s 14 now!

He knew exactly what he wanted. He wanted to play Magic with his friends at the school, eat Doritos, and play baseball. And that’s exactly what he did.

He said it was the best birthday party ever. I was largely a support person. I dropped by every hour or so to bring by ice cream, snacks, and grab the trash. That night I made pumpkin risotto (it was Micah’s idea) and lobster tails.

Happy birthday, baby. I love you!

Here’s some useful stuff from @thebraincoach on IG. I love her advice.

Simon’s cat also had good advice …

I’ve never agreed more with a sentiment as this …

This is my friend in Nashville. I swear she has the best t-shirts ever.

Beth Dutton will kill every single one of you

Márion resposted this …

I’m not into astrology but I perk up a little when I read something that resonates with me. It would be great if there was a method to all this madness, maybe order somewhere deep in there.

On that note, I have my own signs of portent. For instance, this is the third Praying Mantis I’ve crossed paths with in as many days.

And I had a triple double yolker morning!

If this isn’t a good sign then I don’t know what is!

Here’s some fall colors because I couldn’t resist.

Here’s some shit from the internet that I like …

Most importantly, this happened.

Vote vote vote!

3 thoughts on “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to FOCO

  1. It looks like you are doing well over there in Boulder. I am heading back to CA tomorrow morning so consequently will miss the beautiful fall colors that we have here. It looks like Micah had a great birthday. He looks so much like Lonnie and Casey looks so much like you. I loved your reposted blurb about why you unfriended someone because of their political beliefs. Someone I know from church has posted a few things. I froze her for 30 days and I am contemplating de-friending her. When she posted “You can’t be Catholic and be a democrat” I had to resist the urge to write,”Are you fucking kidding me!” I do love the aspen in the fall. My dermo is in CO right now visiting her son. Yesterday was a beautifully sunny fall day. Today it is raining. Tomorrow I will be in the upper 80’s in CA. Luckily I haven’t put my summer clothes away yet.

    • You should ask your Catholic friend how she is okay with Trump using/promoting Regenerol which was made using fetal stem cells. Me? I’m pro-choice and pro-science, and I’ve always been. But Trump’s followers are giving him a pass on this because …. hypocrisy? FYI, Biden is Catholic, just saying.

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