Love in the Time of Corona: Quarantine is Over!

I made it through my ten days of isolation and now can join the world again, I’m so ready! So is Micah.

I’m nowhere near 100% but I can smell a lot more things now. My stomach is still off, though. Maybe it shrunk in the last ten days because I can’t eat very much and often feel a little be nauseated. It reminds me of being pregnant. Which I am not.

Broccoli and rice, the only thing that was remotely palatable the other day

I had a margarita today after going on a long drive with BF. I can’t say it tasted bad, it tasted like a margarita, but it wasn’t the sweet relief a marg usually is. Perhaps what I take away from this episode in my life is an aversion to alcohol. That would be okay.

I’m not sure if I should get retested now that my CDC mandated isolation is over. I read this on their website and was a little alarmed.

I guess wearing masks is the order of the day, or year. Years.

“Fuck this fucking year.” That’s right up there with, “It is what it is,” when it comes to summing up 2020.

Casey was the one who told me about Ruth Bader Ginsburg dying. I’ll admit to not having the fortitude to face it, or at least face the news cycle and Trump’s tepid praise for a woman whose death he and his miscreant lot is surely rejoicing in. I am well aware of what a loss we have all suffered, as well as the grave consequences of her passing at this particular time in history.

The BF and I opted to console ourselves in movies last night. We watched Under the Tuscan Sun and then Rocketman before calling it a night.

Lonny sent me this news today …

Isn’t that the most wonderful thing?

Tonight ends my 10 days of sleeping at the BF’s house. I can go back to the Bachelor Colony tomorrow and revel in my children, now that it is safe for me to be around them.

Lonny and Casey tested negative again and Micah is feeling better, I think we can all be in the same room together. I can’t wait to get caught up on Lovecraft Country and start Raised by Wolves with them. I hate the either/or nature of my life right now. Either I’m in Fort Collins or I’m in Boulder. Either I’m with my boys or I’m with my sweetheart. I’m always torn.

But tomorrow I’m going to get some of those boys. I’m going to hug them and smother them with love and food. Maybe I can talk one of them into a sleepover in the Tiny House with me.

I’ve been with them almost every day but it just isn’t the same.

Of course I’ll miss BF almost immediately and so it goes.

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  1. Hi honey I just caught up on your blog I have been out of it for a while we’ve been up at the tetons And some other stuff but oh my gosh I I’m glad that you’re over your 10 day quarantine and that you’re feeling better, My niece in Florida had it she had the same symptoms as you body aches no smell. Do you still need food dropped off?. Take care of yourself And your kiddos Hugs and kisses

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