Axe Wielding Maniacs

I haven’t seen my friends Shawn and Rachel since the shutdown. In fact, they were at the last pre-covid party I had, back when you could invite people over to your house to hang out in the kitchen and share a meal. Crazy, I know.

They have a kindergartener and secured babysitting so they could spend the day with us in FOCO.

After a week of this BS Rachel needed a night off!

My sweetheart hasn’t met them and it’s always a little tricky in the beginning to break the ice. But then he told me about a new bar in town called The Axe and Ale where you can have a drink and throw axes at targets. What could go wrong?

I knew from attending a Renaissance Faire with Shawn and Rachel that Shawn could throw and axe, and I discovered last weekend camping that the BF could, too. I’ve never thrown an axe before and neither had Rachel so I figured that we would be evenly matched in a competition.

Alcohol and flying axes seem like a good combination.

It turns out I’m pretty good at throwing axes and we actually won! I’m not a gracious winner and after a couple ciders I was brandishing my axe and talking shit.

Not opposed to a little victory dance
He’s got deadly aim
Shawn might be bigger but my guy has better aim

It broke the ice nicely and we went from the axe place to Vato’s Tacos for margs and street tacos at their outdoor food court.

Chief got to come

We were up late hanging out with them and slept in today. I was woken up to the housemate playing his clarinet.

Why does BF have a housemate? It’s not for the money, he didn’t like being in that big, empty house all by himself. Andrew has lived there for about four years now and is such an interesting and talented person.

There is definitely change in the air, I see leaves on the ground and splashes of gold among the foliage in the cottonwoods behind the house. Now is the time to savor every minute outside.

The lovely courtyard out back.

BF is going on a fishing trip this coming weekend so I’m planning the coming week. It will be nice to have extra time with the boys and I think I’ll drive to Grand Junction a week from today to see Marcia and Lauren. Time is crazy right now, we seem to have nothing but it but not enough.

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