Gully Washer

Hot and dry, like a furnace.

The Redbud tree near where I park has the first yellow leaves. Fall is nigh.

That’s what the weather has been like lately as fires rage on all across the west. All anyone wants is rain, and lots of it.

Everyone is doing it.

Something about rain is irresistible. If you are in the possession of male nipples, the shirt has to come off.

Guess which chicken found shelter?

Summer is coming to a close for sure. Lonny and Casey went backpacking together on Sunday night. They hiked 10+ miles, a good deal more than the whopping 1/4 mile I was willing to do. Like I said, I was tired.

They made it to Peaceful Valley.

Chief managed to get filthy even without camping.

Swamp dog. He needed two baths to get the stink off of him.

I came home from my time with my sweetheart and attended some ice block sledding with the Scouts. I remember doing that when I was a kid.

They got better at it.

It was the perfect way to spend a soft evening, with my back nestled in the cool grass, the sky diffuse and just a little cloudy (likely smoke) and kids running up and down the hills. I’m so impressed with the adult commitment to the Scouts. Someone had to drive all the way to Nederland to get ice blocks. For those not in the know, it’s a hellish 35 minute drive (each way) made twice as long by construction and single lane traffic. All so a bunch of kids can slide down the hill on a hot Indian Summer evening.

Showing the boys the videos I took

It was a return to the simpler days when we spent hours at the playground.

Micah and I had sushi for lunch the other day and a reporter from the paper came by and took a photo. I don’t know why but it seems I am in the paper at least once a year.

Of course there is the RNC happening right now and the existential dread that causes. Trump is warning his followers that Biden is making America unsafe for white people. Biden should be warning folks that Trump is making America unsafe for everyone. Fucking vote, people.

This was kind of funny. The image was posted with instructions to caption it with your last text.

My last text was to my sweetheart about our friends coming to FOCO to spend the day with us. I suggested we all go to the axe throwing bar (yes, it’s a thing).

And I thought this was cute. Would adopt.

I’ll leave you with this photo I took while waiting for BF to come to bed the other night. The light was just so and I was feeling romantic.

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