Anxiety Dream: Film School

I dreamt I was on campus looking for a film class. I was carrying Mr. Bates, my huge cat, in my arms. He was tolerating it but I didn’t know how long he would let me hold him. I couldn’t remember where the class was, which building. It was dark.

I went into one building and sat down, it was a crazy horror film showing. It was a claymation, the characters cartoonish yet grotesque. I was certain I was in the wrong place. I left with Bates in my arms and somehow found the right building, it was so far and I wasn’t sure how I would get Bates back home.

I was exhausted so I sat between two men. They seemed nice and like they knew me but I couldn’t tell in the dark, I decided to trust them because they were my classmates.

The film started and I was so tired. I leaned my head on one’s shoulder, we were sitting so close, and closed my eyes. He put his arm around me and grabbed my breast and tried to kiss me. I shook him off. He did it again, I pushed him away. He talked over me to his friend, mocking my reaction.

The wouldn’t stop harassing me so I threw up my arms and yelled at them. The professor turned the lights on and stopped the film. She walked to our aisle and asked where the commotion was coming from. I said it was from us, that they had been harassing me. The men laughed off my accusation. They didn’t deny it, rather they blamed me. One wouldn’t stop touching my breast.

Bates ran off. I figured he would find his way home but also thought about how many busy streets were between campus and home.

2 thoughts on “Anxiety Dream: Film School

    • Totally. This one was pretty tortured. It had the hallmark of anxiety with the car, but I’m curious about all the sexual boundary violations that keep showing up in my dreams. I wonder what that’s all about.

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