Suntory Time

You know what I’m over? Things not working. Just when I was getting the hang of posting from my phone, the app started to glitch out … it won’t upload photos. And because the app is on my phone and not on the computer or on-line, I can’t rescue the writing I did. Back to the drawing board.

Anyway, I just got back from another two-day camping trip. My sweetheart and I were to rendezvous with friends at Vedauwoo for one night. That’s right, the same place I went last week. But we were psyched because it’s close and I know exactly how to get there despite being majorly geographically challenged.

ALSO, he bought a new truck and was really excited to take her off road.

His new truck. Just kidding, he got a Ranger. It’s a little smaller.

I like camping with him because he likes to organize everything into bins (swoon) and doesn’t blow up the interior with crap everywhere.

This gives me stress

I prepared food and packed up my stuff and hightailed it to Fort Collins so we could leave at 4:00 sharp on Friday and be setting up camp at 5:15.

Did you know that Vedauwoo is a very big place and there’s a ton of camping outside of the main campsite?

Yeah. Me neither, and apparently his friends didn’t know that, too. Long story short, we got to the campsite and couldn’t find his friends so we called and texted like crazy when we had reception, found out they were at another spot, got a Google Map pin that sent us 40 miles in the other direction, got people on the phone, and ended up looping around mostly unmarked roads in the Medicine Bow National Forest.

This guy was pretty psyched to go

After about three hours of driving around completely lost, we pulled off at a campsite and set up our tent, defeated. A bit later one of his friends found us and told us that we were very close, just go down the dirt road, turn right and then right again. So we ate a rather joyless dinner and then got in the car to look for them. Again, no luck.

We went back to our site and broke into a bottle of Suntory whiskey.

For the relaxing times, make it Suntori time.

We woke up the next morning to a call from Jacob who rode his bike to the top of the hill get a signal. We told him that we followed his directions and didn’t see them. He said we were very close so we tried again and finally found them in time for breakfast.

Serious about getting there

Given that it took us roughly 18 hours to connect with them, we were talked into staying another day. We had plenty of food and we didn’t want our weekend to be a bust. Also, we got to really break in the truck with all that off-road driving. She’s a really nice car.

I didn’t know most of the people but quickly did as we got into a heated political conversation. It was a little rough. The upshot is we had a non-voter type which made my head want to explode. Yikes.

We managed to pivot away from the upcoming election and spent the rest of the day hiking and relaxing by a nearby creek. His friends were really nice and extremely funny, we laughed throughout the day.

We had leftovers from the previous night for dinner and then sat around the campfire, listening to music and talking.

Every couple had a dog with them and a few other dogs from neighboring camps came over to visit. The space was very spread out, I believe you would call it “primitive” camping which meant you didn’t see or hear other campers, unlike at a traditional campsite.

Chief loved running with the other dogs and digging holes, we were happy in our tent, and aside from all our food getting wet in the cooler despite having everything in Ziplock bags and plastic containers, we are getting a nice system down. My easy up sun shelter came in super handy to keep the sun off us.

We packed up and drove back to FOCO on Sunday and I jokingly asked him whether he would shower first, or wash the truck first. The truck, naturally.

I wasn’t back in Boulder for an hour when I got these images texted from him.

It’s a folding camp kitchen organizer! I’ve met the man of my dreams!

Now I’m home and both Chief and I have showered, I put away my gear and have a night with Micah because Casey and Lonny went backpacking.

School starts this week so we are getting our last hurrahs in.

3 thoughts on “Suntory Time

  1. As usual I love your posts, and your pictures, and your stories. I can’t believe how long you tried to meet up with your friends and didn’t give up. I would have been done after an hour, maybe even before. It is nice you are having all of these mini adventures. Basil and I like to do that. Awhile back we went to the OR coast and camped with the dogs for a couple of days. Although it was a short trip everyone had such a great time. It’s nice to have fun and adventure and make memories.

  2. It was so beautiful there. We liked Astoria so much better than the more touristy places. I remember when I lived in CO my hair and skin were so dry and I was only in my 20’s. I can’t imagine how it would be now that I am pushing 60.

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