Womb Stories

This morning I snuck onto social media for a hot second because Lonny informed me that a friend of mine in Australia is pregnant. This is the ONLY thing I miss about SM, having access to this kind of news.

So I logged on and saw the announcement and a picture of her lovely belly and then scrolled down her feed to see if there was anything else there about her pregnancy. It turns out she was dropping hints for a while. She posted this video well before announcing and it brought tears to my eyes.

6 thoughts on “Womb Stories

  1. Loved the video. I started on Facebook because all of my family lives in CA and Basil’s are in Idaho. It is nice to see pictures and hear the latest. I just scroll down the mass amount of political stuff and look in my various Facebook groups I am a member of, two of which pertain to sewing.

      • I have practice. I have four sisters. I have been away 37 yrs now and am close with my sisters and family but …..sometimes it gets a bit to “drama-y” and I don’t(usually hahah) get sucked in. If I have a problem with a sister I do not talk about it with another sister or my mom. That is what Basil and my friends are for. Having said that…..it is not uncommon for some type of altercation to happen when I visit. Normal for them, not for me. 🙂

        • In the beginning of our marriage Basil wasn’t used to the “chow down” scene with the Jennings’ family. One time we made pot stickers and sushi. Basil grabbed a couple of each. I let him know that when he went back for seconds there wouldn’t be any. Take what you want in the beginning. Also he would take forever to eat. He learned to eat quicker(used to be 45 mins at dinner)and I slowed down. Subtle differences b/w small families and large ones. 🙂

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