A Walk With A Friend

Caitlin and I used to walk together almost every day, now I feel like I hardly see her. I was so happy when she suggested we take the dogs for a walk today, after she took a self-portrait.

I’ve been lucky enough to accompany her on her self-portrait forays, offering my services as dog wrangler and gear schlepper. It is a pleasure to watch her process so I tagged along.

Her concept was to take a picture in a stream. With our dogs running amok, I insisted on standing behind her camera and guarding it from our rambunctious kids. The catastrophisor in me couldn’t help but imagine them tumbling into her tripod and drowning her new camera.

While she was setting up the shot with me in her place, she took this photo …

You can go to her Instagram account CaitlinFullam to see the pictures of her.

She and I are both struggling right now. I feel like we both are trying to keep from overwhelming each other with our anxieties and depressions. Yet we are not alone and that helps.

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