Mini Post: Town Crush

Back in my 20s I had a really good friend who would go to Durango all the time. I never went with her but I pressed her to tell me what was worth the 7 hour drive. She never quite got through to me.

Suffice to say, I think Durango is great. In fact, I think I have a major crush on this little city.

The Gable House

We are staying at the sweetest B&B right downtown that reminds me of Lonny’s only twice as big and less ramshackle.

The location is perfect and the neighborhood is gorgeous. I could live here in a heartbeat, except it is far from everything.

A little love letter in town

Yesterday we went paddle boarding, we put into the Animas River just a few steps outside of BF’s sister’s boyfriend’s condo.

Those are cows

We paddled downstream for a few miles and then worked our way back. We took a nap and then had dinner at a food truck place where there was live music. My old friend Chris R. joined us but I failed to take a photo 😢

So far this has such a relaxing trip. I love where we are staying and I’m so happy we have time to explore the town and take advantage of all the outdoor activities it has to offer.

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