Mini-Post: 303 Boards

I am headed to Durango with BF for a few days. We are stopping in Grand Junction to have lunch with my dear Marcia whose health has taken a turn for the worse. I’m not ready to talk about it yet but suffice to say I will be spending as much time with her as I can. I am glad that she and BF will have a chance to meet.

I don’t remember exactly when I started my IG break but I find myself wanting to post pictures. Enter the mini-post.

Micah took up skateboarding over a month ago with a hand-me-down board. I told him that if he stuck with it I would consider getting him his own board. Each day he goes into the alley and works on Ollies and tricks, coming in flushed and turning to YouTube for more instruction. Yesterday I decided that it was time to get him his own rig.

I thought I’d get him a Peralta board on Amazon but he talked me into going to a local skate shop on The Hill, 303 Boards. The board ended up costing about $40 more than a readymade ride, but it was so much more satisfying, and we supported a local business.

No one was allowed to come inside but Blake, the salesperson, brought everything outside for us to look at. He helped a Micah put together a custom board and got him so stoked about riding. I could feel the burgeoning man-crush beginning.

Peeking into the store I can envision boys hanging out and talking shop in the way my father would spend the afternoon in motorcycle showrooms.

Sweet Dr. Seuss deck tape

I haven’t been to The Hill in ages but I was a little charmed by the hole-in-the-wall halal chicken dives, and the decidedly not Pearl Street Mall-ishness of it.

I stopped into a store I worked in when I was 19, Jacque Michelle’s, owned by the woman that managed it back in the day. Suzanne and I talked about Kip, the world’s best dog and reminisced about old Boulder.

It was a lovely way to spend an hour and Micah got lots of compliments as he walked to the car with his new ride in his arms. Skater rats abounded, ready to praise his 303 deck. It was fun watching him glow.

I will be gone until Tuesday, a long time away from the kids and Chief – we are staying at a bed and breakfast and can’t bring him. I am looking forward to a break from momming and spending some uninterrupted time with my guy.

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  1. I am glad you will be able to see Marcia. BTW Mr Basil has been skateboarding since he was a kid. Many stories of “out running” cops in Seattle on his board. When we tried snowboarding years ago he was a natural. The movements are so similar.

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