Bonus: Maximum Karening

I’ve referred to the neighborhood social networking site Nextdoor a few times, it’s a place where people can post about garage sales, ask for recommendations for handymen, send out an alert about a lost pet (or in my case, a found one) but mostly it’s where people go to complain about their neighbors.

Usually it makes me totally crazy. It’s whiny and awful and a complete waste of time, unless I find it amusing like I did here. Well, I listed my Shasta on Nextdoor (a useful marketplace) so I’ve been checking it more often and I came upon THE MOST INCREDIBLE post in the world.

The. World.

My favorite comment was ‘maximum karening” which I feel bad about because I know lots of women named Karen and they are wonderful and it must suck to have your name associated with reprehensible behavior. But be that as it may, it was the most entertaining display of entitlement and (not so funny but still) perhaps a complete mental break.

It was so good that I texted Dan to see if he had hijacked someone’s account and was trolling. I roped Lonny into reading it and he says he thinks he knows the lady, she volunteers at the church!

Anyway, enjoy!

I wish I had the time to circle, star, and comment on my favorite posts but even during COVID, I have better shit to do.

However …

Oh my god, I feel oddly cleansed, or maybe post coital? Whatever the case, that’s some great TV.

5 thoughts on “Bonus: Maximum Karening

  1. Real names. Dumb shit. What was she thinking? Doesn’t she know that everyone will know she is a whack job?

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