Love in the Time of Corona: Day 54

It looks like my blog/glob is turning into a weekly roundup, that’s how great I’m doing at staying busy. I got my latest batch of masks out the door and I’m taking advantage of the break in-between my next workflow to do a little catching up.

It seems that no sooner than I fulfill my week’s orders I immediately get another one. Like this one from Pamcakes. She’s a CPA at a rather large firm.

She and I have a running penis joke

It’s a common saying that one must choose to be happy every day. Easily said of course, and much easier done when you have your shelter, food, basic necessities under control, like I do. Here are the things that made me happy this week on my morning walks, plus a picture of my houseplant that is thriving and Màrion.

It was Sideboob’s birthday this week. Of course I forgot but I put it on my calendar so next year I’ll do better. She let me off the hook by setting up a telewalking date ahead of time. She might have even told me that it was her birthday but forgetting birthdays is a family trait.

I’ve known her now for eight or nine years and we’ve been through so much together. I am fortunate to have many good friends, each unique and irreplaceable, and she is right up there at the top. I don’t know what I would do without her level head, good counsel, unflagging loyalty, forgiving nature, excellent example, and brutal honesty that never feels brutal. It always feels like genuine love, concern, and care without judgement. What she has done for my assertiveness and self-esteem alone has changed my life.

Nina, I will sew whatever you want (not that you need me to because you are good at sewing but you get my drift), I will always order for you while you are in the bathroom and make sure there’s no pickles anywhere near your plate and if they forget I will whisk that pickle the fuck out of there and wipe the juice up with a napkin because I love you that much. Oh, and I’ll never question your sense of direction.

We had a shit ton of snow last week. You wouldn’t guess it now as I sit outside in the dappled shade of a fully leafed-out ornamental plum with Chief roasting in the sun while keeping a close eye on me.

Last week The BF and I entertained ourselves with what I called The Great Cornice Watch of 2020. Over a foot of snow got dumped on the Front Range and kept an eye on the rooflines to see when the snow would break off.

This is what you do when you don’t have sports

All throughout the day we heard snow breaking off and hitting the ground. It sounded to me like someone was angrily making a bed. You know, thumping the pillows down.

We’ve taken to watching comedy shows. There’s so much to choose from on Netflix and Prime but I guess it feels weird to me to watch it alone. Part of the joy of comedy is laughing with someone. We came across this great comedian, Iliza Shlesinger and her show Elder Millennial on Netflix.

She’s smart, feminist, and pulls no punches. You gotta watch her.

The BF and I have now been seeing each other for six months, it’s hard to believe. On the one hand it seems like six months is a short time because time has flown by, but also a long time given how I feel about him. We are both working hard to keep our time together from settling into a routine.

For instance, he mentioned a while back that he liked going to paint-and-sips. Dad, it’s those things where you get wasted on box wine and someone teaches everyone how to paint a picture, Bob Ross style. I’ve never done one because while it sounds like fun to get wasted with friends and make a mockery of art, I’ve seen one too many of those paintings left in the alley to get hauled away with an optimistic “free” sign on it.

Speaking of Pamcakes, we once bid on a paint-and-sip package – and I think we won – but we never redeemed it. We wanted to get super drunk and paint an abomination and generally be disruptive and obnoxious. I miss her.

Anyway, paint-and-sips are out of the picture for a while and maybe forever because ‘rona BUT, I came across an Instagram ad for a paint-by-numbers kit and I thought, why not? Of course you are always rolling the dice when you buy anything off of IG but it was late and that’s when bad decisions are made.

I ordered it and then wondered when I would get the kit, if ever. And as usual, I had pretty much chalked it up to me paying the idiot tax when the ubiquitous black poly mailing pouch arrived in my mailbox. IT CAME!

It’s a pretty enough image that if we don’t fuck it up I might even consider hanging it somewhere. Like my garage. If I had one. Or The Tiny. We can pour ourselves some cheap wine, put on a comedy show and paint by numbers together.

Once again, I cannot express how grateful for him I am. Not just because it would be hard to be alone during this time, because that would make him sound like a good enough situation. He’s far more than that. But I’ve heard tale of people pretty desperate to get anything resembling companionship going, and apparently at any cost. Like this guy.

I redacted his name to protect his identity but if you are hot and crazy I’ll pass you along to him. And yes, his house is that nice. His gardens are that nice. I’ve seen the wood burning tub, the art is … uh, erotic? The booze is def top shelf but I’ve only eaten fried foods at his parties so I dunno.

These days it’s all about amusing oneself. This amused me for some reason. I don’t expect you to find it funny but maybe historians will because no one else is writing/blogging/documenting every. single. moment. of this time.

Just kidding. Everyone is.

As you know, I’ve been cooking up a storm with my genres set into two very different camps. There is the family friendly comfort food …

And there is the geez, I sure wish we could go out to XYZ for dinner but I guess that’s not happening so I’ll watch a bunch of cooking shows on Youtube to find something close.

If you want to make the Lad Naa, here’s the recipe. I recommend adding a TON of Chinese broccoli, baby bok choy, and broccolini. I’ve already made it twice.

I stopped into the local Asian market and was astounded by the amount of rice in there. It’s impossible to get more than a five pound bag at the grocery store so I felt like I stumbled upon a goldmine. And I couldn’t resist all the instant sauces and soup bases on the shelves. I’ve heard about Laksa so I made it. It was good.

I’m collecting recipes on Instagram like crazy and this seems like a good place to leave them. They are all screenshots, which makes them hard to preserve but I really want to make them sometime.

I found this recipe in a Bon Appetit magazine. It caught my eye because it looks like a cookie I had years ago at an Easter party. They were soft and chewy and full of nuts and dried fruit, I could not get enough of them. But when I asked the person who made them for the recipe SHE REFUSED! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?! It’s not like I was going to go into business making them or anything. I don’t get people like that.

But I fixated on the cookies and memorized all the ingredients I could reverse engineer it. I got out of her that they were “normal” in that they weren’t gluten free or anything like that and they had a basic cookie element. And then I looked up recipes by ingredients to see if I could find it, I didn’t come close. UNTIL NOW!

When it comes to food, I don’t think twice about searching for the perfect recipe, especially when I’m trying to recreate something I had once. It’s better than fixating on exes.

And speaking of fixating on men, I looked out my window to see my neighbor doing a quarantine workout using weights he made from two buckets, rebar, and cinderblocks.

OF COURSE I posted it on the internet. He caught a friend’s attention.

I don’t know why I love being inappropriate so much but if you are gonna get close to me you gotta be able to get onboard.

Here are some pictures of kids and dogs …

And a video of Scheissehund where he is not humping Chief. I know, crazy.

Finally, my internet meme roundup …

Well that was a wasted afternoon. To the future historians, you’re welcome.

4 thoughts on “Love in the Time of Corona: Day 54

  1. Just remember that Sideboob and I are both Taurus’ and our birthday’s are close together, mine was yesterday. 🙂 Basil made me a beautiful homemade carrot cake, cooked me breakfast, lunch and dinner. The dinner was croquettes. He used the recipe he got from the cook in this lovely little restaurant in Madrid 18 yrs ago. You would love them. I am going to have to divide and freeze my cake so I can have it months from now. I must show Mr Basil the LadNaa recipe. It looks very tasty, but we would have to cut down on the salty sauces. We are used to a low salt diet, Basil having high blood pressure and all.

    • Your birthday sounds dreamy. I’m hoping to have a little more of that “cooking for Viv” in my life. Someone posted on social media that her partner of 20 years made her coffee (COFFEE!) for the first time ever, and it was Mother’s Day! She was thrilled, I’d be furious.

      The Lad Naa was great but yes, salty. Happy birthday!

  2. If the women is that excited over a cup of coffee, it just goes to show you how little he does for her.

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