Love in the Time of Corona: Day 33ish

I’m giving myself one hour to write this post because I’M THAT BUSY.

For real, it’s ridiculous.

I pretty much make masks, do some mandatory self-care (walking, strength training, salad eating – which takes forever!) gourmet cooking for the boys and then sew, sew, sew. I go to bed exhausted.

Easter was a bust because Corona and I missed the one thing I look forward to all year, culinarily speaking. Emily’s coffee cake.

Also a problem when it comes to garden parties and Easter Egg hunts

Goddamn it’s so good and many accomplished bakers (me being the least accomplished) have attempted to recreate it using her recipe. But she sabotages the recipe and so always comes out horrible and dry. The one time I get it is at Easter when Sarah throws her annual Easter Egg Hunt and Brunch.


So I capitulated and made scalloped potatoes, another once-a-year, if that, indulgence.

Volume up

I sent the video to MPT because she is my soulmate when it comes to that magical combination of potatoes, cream, butter and cheese.

I try to keep this nifty infographic in mind relative to how busy I think I should be.

Sideboob responded to it in my stories, clearly she didn’t get the point. It’s also why I love her because I did the same thing.

Of course she is.

I modified a pattern I found on the internet to address the toughest parts of making masks, namely the great elastic shortage of 2020 and the mega pain-in-the-ass of making pleats.

This pattern utilizes KAM snaps (I have a bunch from my diaper making days for Scheissehund) which allows anyone to use their own rubber bands, hair ties, string, ribbon, etc. to customize the size. Don’t get me wrong, they still take forever to make.

I kept myself occupied this time by watching Chernobyl on Netflix. Britt recommended it to me and I took her up on it. Given that I found a docuseries on rape (see the previous post) to be uplifting, I figured I would give the world’s largest nuclear disaster a stab.

In short, I loved it. Yes, it’s a colossal bummer but it’s also soooo good. The scariest part TBH is the uncanny resemblance the events of that time bear to our current situation. AKA, terrible shit is happening, people are dying, lots more people will die, yet Dump refuses to listen to the scientists who KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT because he’s afraid of the optics and looking bad. Awesome. Still, watch it.

Also, like everyone else these days, I’m attempting to become an artisan sourdough bread baker. That shit is a struggle.

I’ll let you know how it tastes after it cools

I got my recipe for “Simple” sourdough bread here and was daunted by the 14 steps and two day time-line. Since the boys are super into watching cooking videos, I thought it might help to watch a tutorial.

I watched with a sinking heart and both boys chimed in something to the effect of me being in way over my head. If you can buy a loaf of artisan sourdough for under $10, you are getting a deal.

So yeah, I do that all day. I’m also doing a certain amount of emotional labor trying to keep everyone stable, myself included. Scratchy is somewhat of an emotional rollercoaster these days. He goes from being completely absorbed in his on-line world of school and friends, to the point of blowing me off and not coming over much, to breaking down because he misses me so much and feels completely disconnected. He’s also a kid so he can’t connect the dots and see how choosing not to spend time with me would lead to him feel that way.

I try to lure him over but he always has something going on … until he hits the wall and realizes that something is missing (connection with his mother) and he has an emotional meltdown that usually takes hours to clean up.

Issues with the divorce, living between two households, wanting time with just me, etc., have to be sorted out once again and, once again, we come to the same conclusion that he needs to spend more time with me. I can’t force him to come over but he really needs to, even if it means having to share me with his brother.

I understand that he wants “just me” but it isn’t a reasonable request. I have two kids. I can’t split myself up that way, I don’t want to. And I also get that we have a different quality of time when it’s just us, but I can’t make that choice. It tears me apart. And it is unreasonable. We are under lock-down, things are different.

Plus, I love having both my boys with me.

Itchy looks fat in this picture, he isn’t

Anyway, he’s some funny/cool shit I found/put on the internet.

I’m about to take a shower and go to DB’s (renaming him the BF for boyfriend) because I want a night off, I want someone to cook for me, and I am tired of watching lazy kids laze around while I work my ass off.

The BF made this for me the other day, I didn’t lift a finger. Ahhhhhh. He also does a lot of emotional labor for me. He puts me back together after a tough week and takes care of me. I take care of him, too, but he more than returns the favor.

I’m not proofreading this, I gotta get out of here.

6 thoughts on “Love in the Time of Corona: Day 33ish

  1. I made a bunch of masks, put everything away, then a friend asked if I was still into making masks. I said give me a couple of weeks. I like the design of yours. The snap is a great idea. The meal looks lovely. It is so nice to be married to a man that is such a great cook, and baker(mostly breads teehee). I guess everyone is buying yeast and taking a stab at making bread. (there was no yeast on the shelves at one of the grocery stores) Basil said, “It is so easy to make!” I told him not to say that. He who has been making bread for over 25 yrs. Like I tell my students. “No one is born knowing how to do something. You only get better by practicing.”

    • The steps are “easy” but becoming comfortable with the process is entirely another story. My loaf turned out good (not great) but it was my first stab at sourdough. I’m definitely going to try again.

      I always need a few days off between a big batch of masks. I wish we could hang out and see together like we did I when I was 19. There aren’t a lot of people like us, it’s cool how suddenly our skills are in demand.

    • Oh god. Re-upholstery. Just. No. It’s so expensive and sooooo hard to get right. Remember when we were at JoAnne and someone tried to talk us into making her wedding dress? You were like, “Hell no! I am not blowing it on your wedding dress!”

  2. It is interesting about our sewing being in demand. It was just a matter of time. teehee Basil used to make a sourdough loaf that was called “Toad bread”. I seem to remember it had sour cream and honey in it. We would toast it and lather butter on it. So delicious. It was fun hanging out and sewing together. Speaking of sewing….Now I am making couch covers and I am not really loving it. Some people do great with throwing a beautiful cloth on a couch, tucking it in and it turning out lovely. Not my family. The dogs love laying on(taking over) the couch. Sometimes there is enough room for me too.

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