Love in the Time of Corona: Day 23

I’ll admit it. Like someone driving past a car crash, I couldn’t help but look. I watched (some) Tiger King to see what all the fuss was about.

Do I feel dirty? Yes.

DB is into it but I’m a little hesitant, especially after watching the first episode.

“You’re hung up on the tragedy of the animals, aren’t you?”

In a word, yes.

But if there is anything good to come from this shit-show, it’s the pulling back of the veil to the kind of animal abuse that comes from these canned large animal experiences, as well as realizing the compelling talking points that operators of such businesses use to soothe the moral qualms of their would-be customers.

“If I can give someone an experience with these cats, they will be more likely to get involved in protecting them and their natural habitat.”


“If an animal is on the verge of going extinct, the best thing to do is breed more.”

Yeah bullshit. So that’s a good thing.

Also, the memes coming from it. Some are funny as well.

Speaking of funny shit on the internet, a friend of mine posted something about Heelies. They were a fad several years ago and are shoes that have a wheel at the heel so if you lift your toes, you can glide on them. They are pretty cool.

Anyway, I responded to his post that someone should moonwalk in them and this resulted.

You gotta love my friends.

Do you know WHO ELSE is my friend? DAN SAVAGE!

Well, not really. He’s my hero and most trusted advisor when it comes to all things related to sex and relationships, and I saw this posted and had to send it to him because he refuses to watch/read 50 Shades of Gray.

I’ve never read it either #pure

He must be bored, too, because he wrote me right back!

Um. Wow.

So I had to send it to Sideboob because she knows how much I love Savage.

Honestly, it’s the little things. Anything to make the day pop is a really good thing.

For real

Here’s a stupid video of my strength workout, complete with dog bombings.

25 minute workout

Now that the CDC finally came out with a recommendation for people to wear cloth masks (duh) I’m making them for the public. We are about to get all Vietnamese up in here. I’m getting Itchy involved in helping me because otherwise this is him all day.

It’s super annoying

I’ve never been as happy for the existence of automatic doors as I am now, but they are few and far in-between. Someone is selling these for $35 on the internet, I’m sure I can make them for $10. Not to sell, but to have for myself and my loved ones.

It’s a great idea and all I need is a retractable key fob and a clip. I can make lots of mitts so to be removed for washing. Imma do it.

Weird as this may sound, I think one of things the kids will remember about this time is all the great food. At least for now. Who knows, maybe everything will go to shit in a month, but for now they are feasting.

In an attempt to change up my surroundings, I put on a good old-fashioned Yule Log since it was cold outside.


2 thoughts on “Love in the Time of Corona: Day 23

  1. My sister BJ told me about some handmade masks she bought on line. WTH….I started making different types/styles of masks. I sent some to my mom who is going to all kinds of Dr.’s appts and for her caretaker. I have decided that I prefer making the masks with the bias tape with the wire through the upper up so they can fit the nose better. I made one proto type made from an old t-shirt. Someone at Basil’s work asked if he was wearing a “banana hammock”. I laughed and laughed. No more of that type! I am taking pictures and asking what ones my sisters, my mom, my friends, my neighbors want. I can’t imagine selling them when there is such a need.

    • I am selling mine for $6 because 1) they cost money to make and 2) I am unemployed and have to pay my bills. If someone needed it for free I would totally give one to them and I donated the ones I made for health case workers. I think they are inexpensive enough as to be accessible.

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