Love in the Time of Corona: Day 20

I got this nifty little notification today.

I guess that’s not happening, not that it’s all that pressing at this time. My biggest motivation to get my divorce finalized was to get my short-term rental license so I could rent out my little house on weekends to supplement my income. Who knows when the pandemic will be contained and how much longer after that until people start traveling for funsies again.

But still, I worked hard to get all the paperwork done and was feeling really good about having done everything myself and now it’s up in the air.

I also got this notification …

This one really hurts. I love Break Science and so does DB. Music is a huge part of our connection. In the first four months we were together we saw something like 14 shows and now we have no idea when people will go to shows again.

Last night we went to the ballet … virtually.

Màrion, who is holed up in Girona, is very in touch with all the livecast music and performances out there. She sent me this video to watch. At almost 40 minutes it is longer than something I would normally watch because of my shortened attention span, but after having dinner, DB and I had nothing but time.

We sat on the couch in his office and watched the screen from a distance. After a few minutes we moved up to desk so we could take it all in. It was magnificent and beautiful, inimate and powerful. I loved watching with him as he is a dancer himself (he taught Argentine tango) and a mover so he has a deep appreciation for the art. I made a video for Màrion midway to thank her.

After it was over I felt like we had gone to a dance performance together. It made me so happy to share that with him and Màrion.

Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous. I tinkered in the yard and took care of some cleanup that was left over from last fall. I was delighted when I uncovered a nascent rhubarb plant.

My neighbor across the street was working in his yard and from a distance told me that he transplanted that rhubarb from a friend’s yard when they moved. He said he almost dug it up when my house was on the market. I’m so glad he left it.

We exchanged rhubarb recipe ideas and he dropped off a bottle of rhubard cordial.

I have really nice neighbors. One dropped off banana bread right when I moved in (Pat), the two that live on the other side of my fence (Makelea and Devin) gave me a welcome package of dog toys and candles, I knew Susan from my short-term rental advocacy days, and Kathleen on the corner was the one who left the kind note offering to pick up groceries. Barbara on the other corner was part of my puppy playdate group.

I’ll have to bake a bunch of rhubarb crumb muffins and give them to everyone. Good neighbors are gold.

My realtor who was first my friend, sent me this in the mail …

They might as well have sent me a gold bar! Hand sanitizer is impossible to find.
I sent this mask to my imaginary friend in Nashville

I had a café table and two chairs on my front porch that never got use. Itchy loves being outside and I felt the desire to eat outside, but the front just didn’t seem right, so I moved the table and chairs to the back.

I asked Lonny if he was attached to the porch swing at the big house. I knew the answer would be no, he always complained about how it was in the way. So I took advantage of the nice weather to relocate it to my house. It transformed the space.

The swing and the pad I made for it were grimy from years of being outdoors. I laundered the pad and took to the swing with a bucket of soapy water and a brush. While I was at it I cleaned the exterior window sills and mailbox that had a thick layer of dust on them. It feels wonderful to take care of my home.

Scratchy came by for a lunch of salad and freshly baked bread; we sat outside in the sun together.

I also brought over a jade from the big house. Several years back we broke up the 30+ year-old jade that had been sitting in the kitchen bay window since forever. Lonny noticed that it smelled bad and discovered that one of the main stems was rotten. So he and his sister broke apart the pot (it was the only way to move it) and we took the healthy stems and repotted them. This one was languishing in the sunroom.

She has a mealy bug infestation which I am treating with a systemic. I brought her to my place and washed her in the shower and then spot treated any infection sites with alcohol. She’s so lovely. I have other plants I’m going to rescue.

Sunny and warm days like these are so life affirming. I love opening the doors and windows to let the fresh air come in. I made this video for a friend who hasn’t seen my home but we have been texting/talking every day.

I had a nice catch up session with Scratchy. Itchy is pretty much living with me full-time. Scratchy said that he’s really enjoying the distance learning and he feels very connected to his friends. They are in touch with each other pretty much all day. They play Magic the Gathering via Facetime and build and play in their Minecraft world where they have established a hierarchy already.

He said that he got over his week of depression and is now really into how life looks. I am happy he feels that way and we have the technology to keep him connected. Itchy seems content to hang out with me and I’m surprised at how differently they are handling this situation. They both seem to be happy, so that’s all that matters to me.

They miss getting burgers and fries so I made them for dinner.

Chief is super happy to have me around but I swear, he cannot be close enough to me.

Straight up sitting on my head

I can’t be close to my friends but my relationships are strengthening. I love this beautiful photo of Gina and Oliver, she posted it on his birthday. I enjoy a long walk and phone convo with her.

Vera went live on IG so I tuned it. She asked someone to join her, which means that they get a split screen. I was like, why not? Only when she accepted my request I realized that I looked like complete garbage. Oh well, people aren’t there to see me anyway

Such a fun and weird way to hang out

Jeremy tuned in, which was funny because now we are all hanging out. No, it isn’t the same as being in person but there is something personal about being together this way.

I didn’t get to walk today because a cold front blew in and everything is coated in ice. But yesterday’s early morning walk was glorious. As was my drive to see DB.

It’s actually not that remarkable how empty everything is when I walk. It’s always deserted at 6am in Boulder. What’s strange is that it is always this empy now.

And now for your daily dose of internet …

I’m taking the rest of the day off. I made potato leek soup for lunch and might call it dinner. It’s nap time for me.

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