Love in the Time of Corona: Day 18

Today was the first day that our school district started distance learning. I collective sigh of relief was heard all around Boulder. But do you know what happens when everyone tries to log onto a website at once?

Well heck.

Scratchy managed to get it up and running and reported that he liked it. He was able to get his work done in a couple hours and was chatting with friends the entire time. Just like in school.

Itchy, on the other hand, got locked out until about 3pm at which time he realized his teachers went hard on the assignments and then he was bumming big time. Growing pains suck.

As a small reward for being back to learning I took the boys to that little grilled cheese place on the mall. They have always had the perfect set-up for this. You stand outside to order, you wait outside to pick up.

The owner was so nice the other day that I thought I’d give him a little business. Also, the grilled cheese was delish.

He even shared some with me!

After spending 24 hours-a-day with me for the last few days, Itchy decided he wanted to stay at the Big House. Scratchy also declined to spend the night and I find myself alone for the first time since October.

He’s had enough of me

I remember that night. I had just started seeing DB and a man who I had broken up with about a month prior showed up at my door. It didn’t take long for me to throw show him out, but I’m certain that’s the last time I’ve spent the night alone. It’s crazy.

I’m not sure how to feel about it. Can one get Empty Nest Syndrome after just 30 minutes? It didn’t help that Chief was acting weird.

He’s usually all over me so I always wonder if maybe I did or said something to piss him off when he hangs out on the floor.

Sideboob gets me

My insecurities can be so out-of-control that I worry that my dog is mad at me.

Speaking of Scheissehund, the a post on the neighborhood complaint line (AKA the Nextdoor app) caught my eye. Someone wants to adopt a puppy but the shelters are clean out of dogs. People didn’t just stock up on toilet paper, they adopted pets to help them weather the solitude. Of course I saw an opportunity.

So far no takers.

Kid update! Itchy made cookies with Lonny (thank hun!) and had to bring me a few and decided to stay. Hooray!

Anyway, I was reorganizing a desk drawer to fit in my sewing supplies and I came across a rubber stamp with Vivienne and Lonny and our address on it. I’m not sure why but it caused a huge wave of sadness to crash over me.

It has been less than a year so I’m not surprised I’m still having feelings. I suspect I will always have feelings. It wouldn’t be right to stop having feelings about our 18 year-long relationship, would it? I’m hoping with time those feelings hurt less and are replaced with gratitude.

I’m always trying to figure out better ways to organize my photos for blogging. I realized that I can break my posts down to these categories …

Just about covers it

So kids, check. Dogs, check. I didn’t see anyone but here’s what I ate today.

I had a good day. I started it off with a long walk while talking to friends. I try to get four miles in so I can meet my 17,000 step goal in by scurrying around my little house all day. Why 17k? No reason, it just seemed like a good number.

Mission accomplished.

It seems like these days goals are arbitrary anyway when you can’t work, or gather, or go out. But I like having them.

I finished the masks I set out to make for friends. Here’s Lynn and Eben in theirs …

While I had my sewing machine out, I hemmed the curtain on the door that had been bugging me forever.

It irritated me every time I looked at it.
So much better!

I washed some dishes by hand and nested three of my bowls. I was struck by how much I love the edges and squashed shapes. I really miss clay.

My beloved Studio Arts Boulder is shuttered for now

I usually delete photos from my computer after I post them, unless I think I might want to put them in an album. I videoed my attempts to get the acro yoga shots I posted yesterday. I kind of don’t want to delete them. If you want to see how the sausage is made, watch the videos.

FYI: There is no sausage so don’t be scared.

Here’s my daily roundup of stuff on the internet that makes me happy, sad, or angry.

See you tomorrowish.

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