Love in the Time of Corona: Day 15

WordPress has been a struggle these days. It’s slow as hell and sometimes gives me errors and refuses to post. Naturally the problems are intermittent but my point is that I need to catch up. Hopefully Sideboob can figure out what is going on because it ain’t my browser.

I’ve had a lot of feelings surrounding COVID-19 but I’m embarrassed to say that the first time I actually cried was when I got this email …

I’m a big fan of The Sun, it’s our neighborhood pub and even though I don’t eat burgers or drink beer, it feels like an anchor. DB and I have a tradition (italics because it’s only been 5 months) of wandering over there on a Sunday afternoon and having a beer/cider at the bar. It’s practically a given that the bartender will set down a basket of free fries in front of us.

They’ve been doing curbside pick-up since the crisis has escalated, but it was still comforting to know they were there and taking good care of their employees. I called in an order for fries and a growler of beer and walked over with Itchy to pick it up.

Itchy is kinda ticked at me because I scalped cut his hair. Look, I tried.

I never said I could cut hair. Well, I sorta did, but at least there weren’t bald spots.
I guess I should have heeded this advice.

Despite his disappointment in my skills, he’s been hanging out with me a ton. Scratchy is accepting that we are doing stuff as a family now. Since we are forced to separate ourselves from others, we’re all we’ve got. So for the first time since I bought my house in September, both boys spent the night.

Yes, I was in heaven.

I am sewing masks as a part of a coordinated effort to provide them to whoever wants them and works in public during this time. I had to pick up supplies from a friend’s porch (because social distancing) and I figured that I would walk to her place rather than drive. I gotta get those steps in.

Since Boulder is shut down, I could walk with Chief on the mall because there are no rules anymore. It was like being the last person on earth.

I enjoyed showing Itchy the hidden neighborhoods I used to walk on when I lived on The Hill. With all the bitching about how too many people are on the Open Space trails, nevermind how the complainer is also on the trail, I prefer to walk the neighborhoods. Chief can’t be off leash but it’s a small sacrifice to make. I’m grateful that we are allowed to leave our homes at all.

Have you heard about swans and dolphins returning to the canals in Venice? Mountain lions are roaming the streets in Boulder.

Big ones

I’m trying to have as much fun at my home, or DB’s, as possible. The other night we streamed a live set from Tokimonsta. I’m bummed that her upcoming show has been cancelled, but I sure do enjoy all the virtual shows happening.

We soaked in the hot tub, listened to music, and sipped bourbon. I have no complaints. This is not a sacrifice.

Shimmy posted this challenge and DB and I gave it a whirl.

I love this post!

DB is game to try anything acro related. I’m not his ideal partner at 5’6 and a buck twenty-three, but I do my best and I think we almost nailed it. I probably should have moved the camera around more but each attempt could have ended up in a bloody nose so I quit while I was ahead.

I’m still cooking up a storm and I’m pleased that Scratchy has decided to get involved. He made homemade Pop Tarts! And (bonus) he did it at the Big House so it wasn’t my kitchen that got blown up.

The weather turned cold for a couple days so I made pot roast and a curried spinach and lentil dish.

I miss having cats. They are staying with Lonny because it makes more sense. I considered taking Minx with me but she really loves Mr. Bates and if I ever get to rent my house out, I can’t be relocating cats all the time. But I miss that warm feeling of affirmation that comes when I cat deigns to be in my presence.

DB’s cat has taken to visiting me in the morning. Probably because I wake up earlier and she knows I will feed her, but still …
I just want her to love me

Here’s my roundup of funny shit I found on the internet.

These Corona posts are far less entertaining than the ones from when I was loose on the world. Less drunk posts and embarassing public humiliations, but so it goes. I’m off to bed.

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