Love in the Time of Corona: Day 13? 14? I have no idea.

Anyone else feel like they are on the Isle of the Lotus Eaters? I do.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had to look at my phone to figure out what day of the week is. I’ll give you a hint, every day.

I do fine as long as I stick to my schedule but if I let my butt touch the couch and start Nexflixing, I am toast. So keep myself busy with the usual stuff but I relish a nice challenge.

Shimmy is posting photos and challenging her followers to make their own version. Let me point out that I actually know her so I’m not so desperate as to do whatever an influencer tells me to do.

That’s for next week when I hit rock bottom.

I’m feeling pretty cute about being able to do this.

I’m not down with pushup challenges

My buddy Jeremy asked his followers to spam his friend’s account with their pushup videos. I said hell no. But I had a better offer.

Did I send him a nude? Yes I did. Do I feel weird about it? Nope. All my friends have seen me naked at some point.

We are on lockdown, which is not really that much different than what I was doing before the order came from the governor. I go to the grocery store, I walk my dog, I hang out with my kids, I see DB.

Practicing extra safe sheltering in place

His office moved to telecommuting and we’ve continued to see each other. Dan Savage had Daniel Westreich epidemiologist on his show to answer questions about dating during quarantine.

The short version is that (according to Westreich) if you have already been, um, intimate, you can safely get from house to house without running into people or contaminating/picking up contaminations on the way, it is safe. Plus one of the dangers of this situation (aside spreading COVID-19 obv) is isolation and depression.

Dating a new person is out of the picture. Taking public transportation is out of the question.

I survive on connection

Being able to spend time with my boys during the day has been a real blessing, as has the permission to focus on my creativity rather than feeling like I can’t start anything because I should be getting a job any day now. Well, given that that isn’t happening, I can lean into family and creativity.

A lot of creative types are hustling trying to make money any way they can. I never spent money on workouts before and I’m not really in the position to now, as much as I’d like to. But one of my new favorite pole dancers posted that for $9 she would dance to a song of my choosing.

How could I say no?

She broadcasted it over Instagram Stories live and it was a one-time deal. Fortunately I used the power of Google to figure out how to screen capture the dance. Unfortunately it also grabbed my typing and editing my dumbass comments. Whatever, Vera is the shit.

Again, I am grateful for everything I have and I am curious what it will be like to read these posts years later. Will I marvel at how naive I was? How unprepared I was for what was to come?

Could this be a last moment of blissful innocence?

I am so glad to wake up to this.

*This is a catchup post because I’ve been struggling posting with WordPress. I’ve moved to a desktop editor, hopefully that will solve the problem.

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