Love In The Time of Corona: Day 9

I spent a couple days with DB and we are changing our habits to accommodate this new, pared down, way of being. Normally we attend at least two shows a month, frequent restaurants, go to the gym, go to parties, take short trips, etc. I won’t lie, we’ve had a lot of fun.

But now all that is off the table and we are becoming homebodies, or as Tabby says, an old married couple. Ugh.

Yes, this worries me a little. It’s a big change, there are no distractions, nothing to fill the spaces. I think it will ultimately be a good thing because that which does not kill you (quite literally) makes you stronger, but we liked the way our life together was.

We managed to get some dancing in, nonetheless.

You know who isn’t bothered at all by the quarantine?

In the interest of supporting local businesses, we had take-out sushi from one of our favorite places. Gotta love curbside pickup.

I figure there will be plenty of home cooking going on. If DB wants to take me out then who am I to argue?

I made shepard’s pie for dinner tonight. I put quinoa and tons of vegetables in the filling and topping was half cauliflower, half potatoes. So help me god I am going to get those kids to eat veggies.

My big pain point right now is my kids. In the past I divided and conquered, but with the quarantine and us all at home, I can’t handle the brain damage of trying to give them equal but separate time. I mean, if one of my kids wants to hang out, I’m not going to ask the other one to leave just because they can’t get along. I figure if they want to be with me, they are going to have to do what works for me, too.

Today was really bad. I literally had to force them to go on a hike with me. At the same time. It was a delightful afternoon of passive aggression and sullen silence. I was ready to give up parenting after that. BUT, maybe holding the line worked because there was an attitude shift shortly after.

They must have known I was on the edge

Itchy has been pretty game these days. He helped me cook dinner, took out the trash, and vacuumed the house.

The New York Times is covering all their parenting bases these days. One day I read an article about the importance of continuing your kids’ education during quarantine and the next day they published this article titled I Refuse To Run A Corona Virus Homeschool. Here’s an excerpt …

I’ve already failed. I’ll be happy when the school system starts on-line learning and I can relieve myself of the guilt I feel over not printing out worksheets or whatever the hell I’m supposed to be doing.

I swear this would be a lot easier if my kids were in the 1st grade. Suuure, I can help my kids do addition and work on spelling but geometry and advanced Spanish? Forget it. Instead I’m aligning myself with this sentiment …

This might be a good time for me to grow out my hair. I’ve been contemplating a change and since I can’t see Penny anyway, this might be just the right opportunity.

3 thoughts on “Love In The Time of Corona: Day 9

  1. SO magic that Lori and I experienced EXACTLY the same impromptu dance moment together this weekend to celebrate our love, connection, and joy. I pledge to never discount the live edge that adversity gives us to be truly alive together. Smiling Love to you.

  2. I am writing this days after reading it. I’ve already commented on the recent one. I love the idea about teaching kids life skills and leaving the other stuff to the teachers. I have been watching Miss Fisher’s Mysteries while doing my hand sewing. One episode she decided instead of teaching her “girls” etiquette she decided to teach them judo. She realized learning how to protect themselves was far more important. Love seeing you and your sweetie dancing.

    • I just started watching Miss Fisher based upon your recommendation. I’ll be honest, I fell asleep, but that’s because I was really tired. Casey said it’s really good, though, so I’ll rewatch.

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