Love In the Time Of Corona: Day 7

This is a radical change from yesterday’s post where I talked about all the things I am doing and will do with all my free time.

Màrion posted it on IG this morning and it struck a chord. In less than 72 hours we went from take time to check in with yourself, meditate, reflect, and rest to WHO CAN DO THE MOST THINGS THE BEST AND THE FASTEST AND POST IT ALL ON THE INTERNET?!?!?!!!!!!!

She and I had a long talk about the changes happening to the globe and what the world will look like when we emerge.

She hasn’t fallen for the competitive creativity, she’s taking time for herself. I think people (myself included) are trying to keep ourselves occupied so we don’t despair at the way life as we know it is changing. It doesn’t surprise me that her approach is more introspective.

What I find interesting is how COVID-19 has changed how we view the space between us. Perhaps it is a result of my age, I grew up when long-distance calls were only made on weekends or after 10pm when the price dropped to 10 cents a minute. And you had to keep it short. I still feel like I must ration my time talking to people in other area codes and as a result I reach out more to people in my city.

Thank you Lynn for the image

It’s not rational but old habits die hard. Now that EVERYONE is off-limits, I find myself connecting more with people far away. This is a silver lining.

I believe that people will either feel isolated if they are living on their own, or they will crave privacy if they are cohabiting. I wonder what would be worse for my relationship with DB. Would it be worse to be together all the time and risk feeling claustrophobic and sick of each other, or to be unable to be together and miss each other a lot. Both have their pros and cons and it’s impossible to say how we would react given that we have never been in either situation.

Well, actually we’ve been apart from each other for a week and we didn’t like it. But being under one roof, unable to leave for months … I dunno.

Even Scheissehund, the most in-your-face dog ever, sometimes needs his personal space.

Well, not entirely. He just hates getting his diaper put on when we wake up.

Sideboob and I talk on the phone a lot (she says she only really talks to me and her mom and her old aunts on the phone, because we are old) and text. I swear, if I could choose one person to shack up with that isn’t family or DB, it would be her.

I sent her this today …

Me? I’m pretty sure I’ll be okay as long as I can stick to a routine. Wake up early, go on a 4-mile walk with Chief while talking to a friend in a different timezone, coffee, blog, chores, lunch, projects, dinner, movie with kids. Works for me.

Still snowing and ice covered but I got out and walked anyway while talking with Mimi in Maryland

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