7-Day-24-Happy-Hour Party People

Time for the weekly roundup.

Number one on my list of things is that the boys are at sleep away camp for two weeks! As of today we have one week of peace and quiet left. I’m not going to lie, it has been glorious and I know the kids are having a great time.

Loony and I are having a great time, too. People ask if we are going out of town but I much prefer a staycation. This Onion headline says it best,


Once again The Onion is frighteningly on point.

I have a list of movies that I have been meaning to see but were too scary, sexy, intellectual or avant-garde to watch with the kids. And we have been doing happy hour every night with friends.

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Speaking of drinking and bars, we bought a small beverage cooler and shoved it into a corner. Why do all the corners of my house have this jumbled look?


Looks shitty, no?

Without Loony’s knowledge or consent I hired a carpenter to make a minibar for the space.


Better, right?

I rolled it out when he had his bird club over to the house for a happy hour. There’s nothing like having a bunch of people tell him how much they like his redecoration project to get him on board.

Naturally Minx assisted with the installation.


Every carpenter can use a set of perfect paws at the job site.

The cool/challenging thing about the bar is that there is a breaker box on that wall. In the 15 years I’ve lived here I’ve never had to access it but you must have access to it. Et voila!

The funny thing is that I found the woodworker on the Nextdoor app when I made a general inquiry. He responded and came to the house and I immediately recognized him as the husband of my first husband’s then boss. They are still together, me and Pablo, well …

I haven’t cooked a single meal since the boys left; we are happily subsisting on sandwiches, avocado toast and whatever is on happy hour that day. I wonder if people without children enjoy their lives as much as we are at this moment. I’m guessing no, at least not all of the time, because anything becomes routine and taken for granted and doesn’t feel as sweet. And as much as I love this time to myself, I miss their humor, perspective, conversation and presence (as long as they aren’t bickering).

But not too much because I know they will be home in a week and I’m not wasting a second of my free time feeling sad or guilty.

I’ve been taking this time to get crafty. I saw a woman wearing the cutest dress and I commented that she looked like a ray of sunshine. She said she made the dress and I could borrow the pattern!


Made it, hate it

I was reminded of why I don’t sew very much. The dress turned out fine but it just didn’t look good on me. I’m going to give it to her when I return the pattern.

Minx has been up to no good lately,

Her new favorite thing is to push eggs off the counter. I don’t refrigerate them because one doesn’t need to do that with home grown eggs. Minx fishes the egg out of the box with her perfect little paw and rolls it off. She even gets cartons open. So to foil her I made this …


I have had a few marathon building sessions at home where I made stuff while binging Season Two of Westworld. Zero interruptions, just creativity and bliss.


Harshing my mellow is a cat who shall remain unnamed but clawed the shit out of one of my drying avocado keepers.

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Loony and I laid waste to the rest of the cherries. In all I processed 30 pies’ worth of raw cherries or 120 cups. Goddamn.

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It’s hot AF outside but I still get out with Chief in the mornings. Everything is so beautiful and I just love watching other people reveling in the sunshine.

Loony and I went to No Name bar on Tuesday to catch swing night. That’s swing as in jazz, not swinging as in freaky sex.

When we arrived there was a sax player and a guitarist. As the evening wore on more and more people joined the ensemble. The pièce de résistance, Molly the bartender came out to sing a set.

There must have only been 25-30 of us in the tiny speakeasy. It’s no cover, great drinks, free live music … a total dream.

And yes, we went to other shows like this one at Black Box in Denver that Corey was totally psyched about.

Lady deejay, she had funny name like Disdain.

Oh wait, I just looked it up. Deejay Despise. Loves it.

Loved how creepy the background was.

This guy had a turn-tableist scratching live. The sound was legit.

The visuals were extra fly.

The headliner’s music was crazy. To many it would just sound like like tweaky soundscapes but damn, the bass.

I videoed the opening number that had a crazy wall of bass that had people whooping and hollering but when I watched it today, none of the bass registered. My phone couldn’t capture it. The sound was a visceral, physical sensation, like your whole body was wrapped in kitten fur.

But intense as the sound was, it wasn’t terribly loud. We could have conversations while still being immersed in sound, it’s so hard to describe.

Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 7.00.50 PM.png

We were all so happy to be there, just digging the music and dancing. Corey’s show MO is to stand there with a beer in hand and a very happy grin on his face. He actually danced last night, couldn’t even cope with holding his glass because he had to be free!

We Ubered home and got to bed around 3:00. I slept like a baby until 9:45, Loony took the dogs for a quick walk and then we had breakfast at KTs.


Yeah, it’s dreamy.

Here are some random images from the internet and around the house. I figure the post hasn’t be deviant enough as is so I threw some cat ball fetish stuff in.

Scratchy is embarrassed by my behavior and I try to tone it down around him, but when it comes to cat balls, I just can’t control myself. THEY ARE SO CUTE!

The only other things on my mind are:

  1. Going to Morocco in March with a small tour hosted by a woman who travels there as a buyer for her home decor business in Australia. I follow her on IG and her feed is sweet! I’ve always wanted to see that part of the world and it’s a 10-day trip to die for. Dig this itinerary: 

    Friday March 29

    • Arrival at Marrakech in the afternoon with airport transfers provided
    • Welcome with Moroccan mint tea, nibbles and pastries
    • A tour of the beautiful Riad Matham and Dar Kleta by our hosts Julien and Francoise
    • A group meet and greet and an itinerary review of what’s to come for our stay
    • Welcome dinner and wine on the roof terrace at Riad Matham


    darkleta1.pngSaturday March 30th

      • Breakfast at the beautiful Riad Matham as a group
      • A half day guided medina/old city tour
      • Lunch on the rooftop at Kasbah
      • Free afternoon souk shopping
      • Tapas dinner/nibble platters & wine on Riad Matham’s rooftop


    Sunday March 31st

      • Breakfast at the beautiful Riad Matham as a group
      • A Marjorelle Gardens/YSL tour – this is a beautiful experience and the love Yves St Laurent had for Marrakech is truly inspiring. (There is a shop on site dedicated to Yves St Laurent which is beautiful)
      • Light lunch at Café Marjorelle – a beautiful courtyard bistro where we can share experiences and a light lunch together as a group.
      • Free afternoon souk shopping
      • Magical dinner on the rooftop at Le Fondouk – this is an incredible, decadent experience that I cannot wait to share with you!



    Monday April 1st 

    • Breakfast at Riad Matham
    • Overnight trip to Essaouira – where our drivers will stop at the beautiful Argan Oil Women’s Cooperative to stock up on product!
    • Arrival at the magnificent Salut Maroc! This place will not only visually knock your socks off, but inspire you to a level you never thought you could reach! An incredible place!
    • Free afternoon souk shopping in the markets by the seaside
    • 1 hour sunset camel ride on the beach
    • A magnificent Moroccan dinner on the rooftop of the beautiful Salut Maroc, overlooking to ocean.




    Tuesday April 2nd 

      • A leisurely breakfast at the magnificent Salut Maroc!
      • A return to Essaouria’s souks/beachside harbour (free morning to shop)
      • Late lunch in Essaouria’s marketplace together as a group
      • Return to Marrakech with our drivers in the afternoon
      • Light dinner platters and wine upon arrival at Riad Matham


    Wednesday April 3rd 

      • Breakfast together at Riad Matham
      • Free day! You can source the souks/have a hammam/get a massage/take a cooking class or go on a tour. We can discuss as a group, but today is anything goes and it’s entirely up to you what you’d like to do. Mostly, we’re always up for more souk shopping!
      • Early meet up for dinner as a group on the rooftop at Nomad at sunset

    marr1.pngThursday April 4th

      • Breakfast at Riad Matham
      • Overnight trip to the Atlas Mountains, Ourika!
      • Arrive at the breathtaking and magnificent Kasbah Bab, Ourika
      • Souk shopping in Ourika marketplace
      • Free time to explore the berber towns
      • A Moroccan experience with local music and a truly incredible dinner together under the stars at the awe inspiring Kasbah Bab


    Friday April 5th 

      • Breakfast together at the beautiful and inspiring Kasbah Bab, Ourika, with morning views of the magnificent Atlas Mountains!
      • Early hike in the Atlas Mountains for those interested / or a spa/hammam/massage morning for those who would just like to relax in the incredible surrounds.
      • Shopping & lunch in the Ourika Valley and local markets
      • Depart back to Marrakech with our drivers
      • A relaxed tapas/light platters & wine night on the rooftop at Riad Matham

    kasbah.pngSaturday April 6th

      • Breakfast at Riad Matham
      • FREE Morning to explore/take cooking classes/shop in the souks etc
      • A lunchtime visit to the Beldi Country Club, light nibbles/drinks poolside relaxation
      • Italian dinner at the beautiful Italian Limoni Restaurant

    beldi-country-club-boutique-hotel-marrakech-18.jpg Sunday April 7th

      • Breakfast at Riad Matham
      • Free Day to shop/tour/take classes/have hammam
      • An early and  magnificent farewell dinner on the rooftop at the incredible El Fenn

    ef-4-298def-1920x1280.jpgMonday April 8th

    • Breakfast at Riad Matham
    • Departure day (transfers arranged to Menara, Marrakech airport)
  2. This sweet vacuum Loony got for $30 today!

    That’s a Miele Silver Moon, retails for $1049

    Aw fuck it. I’m going to sign up for the trip.

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  1. OMG so going to surprise my hubby with a bar like that for xmas!!
    Also, I have a much cheaper model of a Miele vac and love it!

    • I have a cheaper version, too. The one where you have to plug in the brush head’s electrical. This one is all built in! I looked at one at the store and wanted it so bad but could not justify the cost. Sometimes Loony’s shopping is a good thing.

      Find yourself a good carpenter and do the bar! I love it and I feel so much more adult not having a mini fridge piled with bottles like a college dorm.

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