Please Help

I feel helpless in the face of the horrifying atrocities our government is inflicting on children and families attempting to cross the border into the United States, some seeking asylum from their own countries.

These are not vermin, these are not parasites (as Trump has been calling them in an attempt to dehumanize them) these are people just like us looking for a better life. Would we not do the same if we were in a similar position?

The news keeps getting worse and worse but I welcome the reporting, this cannot happen behind a veil.

Of course I will vote in November for a Democratic majority that will hold the Trump administration responsible for their crimes, but that is too far away. These families need help now.

The ACLU has just uncovered evidence of our federal officials physically, sexually, and verbally abusing immigrant children at the U.S. border. This is unconscionably cruel – and we need to stop it.

We need to expose these abuses so we can protect the children being swept into Trump’s anti-immigrant machine. Join me and raise your voice to demand immediate action.

Go ahead and sign the petition – even though outrage is what Trump wants – he sees it as bolstering his supporters’ confidence in his nationalistic agenda.

What they really need is financial support for teams of lawyers to represent the distraught families and the children being abused at the hands of TAX PAYER FUNDED EMPLOYEES.

Think about that, we are paying for this with our tax dollars! It’s disgusting.


I just donated $100 to the ACLU and I will be calling my senator today.

Imagine how it would feel to have your own child (or if you don’t have kids, your beloved pet) taken away from you and having no idea where they went or how to get them back, knowing that physical, mental and sexual abuse was happening?

Please help. Donate now.



4 thoughts on “Please Help

    • I have never been more ashamed to be an American and given how this year has gone, that’s saying something. But this is America where we can sue our own government and we can vote people out.

      Years ago a neighbor of mine was fostering kittens. I became attached to one and was approved to adopt him when he was old enough. My neighbor went out of town and I offered to foster all the kittens for her but the bureaucracy at the humane society would not let me foster him, even though I had been approved to adopt him, even though I offered to take the training, it was nuts.

      Another family fostered him and a month later he was mine.I FUCKING FREAKED OUT! I was so distressed that he was at another home and bonding to other people while he should have been with me. AND WE ARE TALKING ABOUT A CAT FFS!

      If it was your baby? One you knew was going to be severely traumatized, deprived of breastmilk, perhaps permanently scarred, or god for bid NEVER REUNITED WITH YOU. I would be a basket case.

  1. Oh fuck. Thank you for sharing this. Signed the petition and gonna donate too. I feel like rolling up and being like “I’ll take all these kids – thanks”. Ahhhhhgggggg

    • The federal government is taking babies away from their parents and placing them in American homes. Some were just put on planes to NY while the parents remained in custody. Some parents were sent back without their kids. What year is this? What country is this? We aren’t supposed to do this shit in America!

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