Freshly Inked

Woohoo! Look at me posting 3-Days-In-A-Row!

Kinda like old times, no? Perfect if you like to be all up in my business.

The first thing is that I have succumbed to the call of Instacart. I’m not going to lie, I made fun of My Parasitic Twin for using it. My thought process was that she’s a stay-at-home mom, what else does she have to do all day. Ditto for me.

But then I tried it out. I logged in for a free trial, I picked my favorite store, I made a list (pretty easy, will be even easier as I build up my go-to items) and a couple hours later an adorable young woman in a sundress showed up at my house with all my groceries.


It was a dream-come-true. The next day I had Instacart do my Costco shopping and say what you will about not getting the best prices if you use their service, I got everything I needed from Costco for $140. Mind you, I have LITERALLY NEVER left Costco for under $400.

I had to crow to my neighbor about it.

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 2.10.09 PM

This would be me, every damn time I go there

You figure in the cost savings of not impulse buying and you are saving money using Instacart. And no, they don’t pay me to say anything. No one does.

Loony and I went to The Boulder Block Party last week. It’s the best $12 anyone can spend (booze is included, not that I’m drinking) and it’s for a good cause. There’s nothing more summery than chilling in a shaded lot, surrounded by music, friends, free booze and food trucks.


MPT’s husband was there. Loony and I party with him all the time as I have completely given up on partying with her. Together they are the full package.



I had his top canines removed because the pet psychic told me he was having excruciating mouth pain. The vet confirmed he had broken and infected canines and removed him. He is so much friendlier now … dare I say slutty? And his upper lip gets hung up on his bottom teeth and I die with how cute he looks.


Scratchy is home from Scout camp, it sounds like he had a great time.


With his Scout leader

While he was gone Itchy and I did summery things, like go to 7-11 and get Slurpees.


Relax, mine’s the sugar-free lemonade mixed with 50% soda water. Perfect.

On a walk I found this tiny bird’s nest.


And these days I’d rather walk than endure the following …


And I get to see and smell and hear scenes like this …

I swear, Boulder is so gorgeous. I am so glad to live here.

Look who was munching on roses in front of my house …


Loony brought home some café lights and it was one of those rare occasions where I wasn’t pissed about him bringing shit home. I strung them up in the sunroom (which has always had substandard lighting at night) and am in love with it.

It rained last night so I set up in the sunroom to read a really great book …


… given to me by my step-mom. Having read Girl on a Train (Pet peeve, that ain’t no girl. The main character is a grown-ass woman with grown-ass problems. When are we going to stop calling women girls? If you call a grown man a boy, he would be perplexed if not offended.) I like this book much more, so I hunkered down on the window seat and read.

And Minx joined me. Until …

Asshole. What a Schiessehund.

The most exciting thing that’s happened is that I got my fingers tattooed!


In my 46 years, it’s the first time I felt like I really wanted to do it, so I did. I walked into a local salon (Boulder is crawling with them) and bam!

I love them. I wonder if I will go down the tattoo road of once you start, you just can’t stop?

There are so many great designs to choose from.

I personally feel like tattoo artists should have some kind of moral obligation to require people with really bad tattoo ideas to sleep on it. Or at least sober up before they ink them. I mean, these days you can’t really be considered capable of consenting to sex while intoxicated so why shouldn’t the same be true for humiliating tramp stamps?

Loony had a nice Father’s Day. We took him to his favorite place for lunch.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


That was kind of a lot of stuff. That’s what happens when I try to fit more than one day of stuff into a post! It’s a curse but mostly a blessing. It’s good to put all these pictures down with words to remind me of what a truly lovely life I have and to never take it for granted.

Now I am officially caught up and I’ll leave you with this cute picture.




That would be a cheese puff in Scheissehund’s mouth. Someone gave it to him at Pharmaca and he carried it all the way home in his mouth, presumably to lord it over Chief.


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  1. Thanks for all the fun blogging. I am just a stalker I guess.As I don’t live near you nor will ever meet you. I appreciate your posts!

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