I’d Like to Not Die Today

This morning I got up super early and walked to the Mt. Sanitas trailhead and hiked the valley with Chief. It was such a lovely and quiet day so I was in no way prepared for what happened when I crossed the street in front of my house.

I saw a small green car coming down Pine Street, not speeding or anything, and I was crossing at the traffic circle. I made the ridiculous assumption that the driver would slow down. I was half way through the intersection when instead of slowing down it seemed that he sped up.

Luckily I had Chief on the short leash I used to use with Blue – it loops over my shoulder crossbody style – instead of the longer retractable leash because had he been 6 inches further in front of me, he would have been hit. As it was I jumped out of the way and it pulled him back from under the bumper of the car.

The driver didn’t even stop. I made eye contact with him as I screamed that he almost hit us. I saw a phone open to a bunch of text (not texts, but it looked like a book) mounted on his dashboard. He made a right and sped away with me shouting after him. I probably woke up the neighborhood.

I have no doubt that he in no way meant to hurt anyone, it was carelessness, the sun was in his eyes, etc. But wow, he didn’t know if my dog was okay. Like I said, he was under the car for a moment. The right thing to do is stop, get yelled at, you make sure everyone is okay.

It was the closest call I’ve ever had. Loony was in the backyard and heard me yelling, some workers ran over to see what happened. For a moment I couldn’t breathe.

I almost watched my baby dog get hit by a car, just going on a walk at seven in the morning. I was amped from the experience but walked it off. Everything I’ve tried to do since has kind of failed, so I’m going to sit on the porch with Sideboob and not get killed.

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5 thoughts on “I’d Like to Not Die Today

  1. Glad you and Chief are both okay! People texting and driving (or reading, watching videos, etc.) is a pet peave of mine. Same goes during dinner-time. It’ll wait!

    • Yeah, right? It’s so easy to be distracted, I think the best thing to do is silence your phone and put it in the back seat. That could have as easily been me at the wheel if I’m perfectly honest.

  2. So scary! This time of year especially in Boulder I feel like the crazy and careless drivers abound. And so maddening that he didn’t even stop. I’m glad you yelled and hopefully scared some sense into him!

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