Radical Redecorating

There is no better feeling in this world than to know yourself and be known.

These days there are few people that know me better than Loony … and Sideboob.

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One thing I have come to terms with about myself is that I like to decorate. And restore old Victorian houses.

Bon chance! I live in a run-down Victorian that  always needs something done to it. While Loony knows me, I feel like is best to approach my projects on a “better to ask for forgiveness rather than permission” basis and just fucking go for it while he’s at work. Or out of town.

Case study, my dining room.


Dammit! Why don’t I have a picture of it all cluttered up? Well, it was super cluttered.

First thing I did was move a Copper Clad wood-burning stove that Loony’s deceased brother (and original owner of this house) bought and restored himself. Loony isn’t attached to it and says I should sell it, but I feel like it is a piece of David.

We’ve been moving it all over the house for years, trying to find the right place for it but there really is only one right place for a stove/oven, which is the kitchen but 1) I don’t have use for a wood burning stove and B) I looked into have it converted to a gas range but no one in Colorado will do it.

No matter where I put it, it always feels like it is sticking out and in the way. No-can-do on having it outside because it rusts like a mo-fo.

UNTIL I found this place!


There was a dresser in that nook (previously a huge safe) and it’s the one place in the house where I can tuck a huge piece of metal and it won’t be sticking out. First, I had to call in the infantry.


…. Major time warp…

I started writing this blog two weeks ago when WordPress started acting strange. After two weeks of logging out and logging in and it getting jammed every time I tried to add a picture, I called in the army.


Naturally she walked up to the computer and DID EXACTLY WHAT I DID and it started working fine. The threat of her Norwegian Fury made it start behaving, and just in time for our France trip.

Time to catch up in a hurry. Here’s the evolution of the dining room.

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I am so in love with my ceiling mural that I decided to go again. I agonized over what image to use since I didn’t want to be too cliché with food centric stuff or vintage French posters. Naturally I settled on an Audubon illustration of fish.


I talked Loony into painting the room (again) for the 4th time. Even though he was sick with the flu, he manned up.

I’m sure his logic was that it would be faster to do it himself than to clean up my disaster.

Rich Bauer from Paperface put it up in one day!

I hung the boys’ art back up and I love the effect of the new space. It is bright and welcoming and draws you into the room.

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I liked Rich so much that I think I will finally repaper the guest room and the living room soon.

I drove to Grand Junction for a day to meet up with Marcia, my surrogate mother, who is now 87. Her health is declining and she is calling her loved ones to her. In all likelihood she will have her around for another ten years but she is feeling the need to get as much time with her family before her cognitive function declines.

I got to see her daughter who I hadn’t spoken to since Itchy was born. I never knew what caused her to cut ties with me but all it took was a very short, very honest, and very gentle conversation to put us back together again. I cannot tell you the great relief I feel to have my family whole again.


Lauren, Marcia and David




I-70 was backed-the-fuck-up and I had to employ an empty cup to relieve myself. You’re welcome.

Right after I got home Loony left town for a two-week birding trip to Ecuador so I’ve been on my own since then. I’m not going to lie, I love having one less person to think about, especially when that person is happily doing something he loves.

Except for the fact that Frontier sent his luggage to New Orleans instead of D.C. which should not have been a big deal given that he had a 24-hour layover in D.C. but apparently an airline that flies both to New Orleans and D.C. is incapable of getting a lost piece of luggage to from New Orleans to D.C. even if they have a full day to do it.

So Loony has spent the last two weeks in 100% humidity wearing the same two outfits, not shaving and squinting into his binoculars because he doesn’t have his contacts.

The real tragedy, of course, is that he was almost as excited about the three bottles of fancy Scotch in his suitcase as he was about the birds. I guess the suitcase is waiting for his flight to Denver tomorrow. Thanks for nothing Frontier.

The boys went to their first political rally. We attended the Denver MarchForOurLives rally and brought along a friend.

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I am working on new dishes for myself after my instructor and friend agreed to be my throwing robot for an evening. I can’t boss around 10 pounds of clay on a wheel but he sure can. He made the perfect plate form.

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Spinning it on the wheel aligns the clay which makes the plate less likely to warp during the firing process.

So that’s fun. Of course I need to replace my set of 20 plates. What can I say, I’m a production potter.

Haha, one of Scratchy’s friends came over and I was privy to this little show.

Kids are such goofballs.

I came across a bunch of shit I stuffed into corners and high ledges while redoing the dining room. I got rid of the stuff rather than re-hiding it. A trip to the Salvation Army was in the offing and dig this AMAZING (aka hideous) chair I spotted while dropping a carload of shit off!



The fancy shoe store down the street (aka the place you go to spend $400 on a pair of shoes) got a new shop dog. Motley is part Bernese Mountain Dog and part Great Pyrenees and he and Chief loooove to play.

I had Motley over for a playdate and watched him humor Chief during a very mismatched tug-of-war game.

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Motley can come over any time he wants because I miss having a ginormous dog around. I don’t miss the food bills, though. I watched him chew through a $4 bully stick (that would be a bull penis) in five minutes like it was a stick of gum.

Here’s some inspirational stuff I found on the internet that spoke to me.

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This is Scratchy, having the goofiest laugh attack ever.

Me, angry journaling after a long day of parenting.

IMG_4638 2

And the obligatory cute pictures of dogs.

And videos …

ALRIGHT! I’m more or less caught up! Loony gets back tomorrow and then Sideboob and I take off for our trip to the coast of France. It’s snowing right now so I’m more than ready to get out of here.

4 thoughts on “Radical Redecorating

  1. I love your ceiling wallpaper/artwork. It is so hip. Since we have acoustic ceilings that are only about 7 ft tall I don’t think it would work. 🙂 Have fun in France!

  2. I love your ceiling project! And I love being able to peek in at your life and all your projects. You inspire me.

    I wasn’t going to write anything because – well what’s my opinion worth really? But I write a blog too, and it keeps me going when I see that someone is reading and enjoying. So there you go – just a little thank you from me.

    • Are you kidding?! As a blogger yourself you should know that nothing means more than getting responses! I love knowing you are out there. Thanks for reading.

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