Why Leave The House?

It’s so fucking cute up in here.

When I first got Chief – what was it? coming on three weeks ago – I was in the weeds. The sleep/potty/other animals situation was completely out of control. It was a bed of my own making so I tried to not complain too much …


Surely we can add a few cats to this mix

… except to everyone who bothered to talk to me like one of the “regulars” at Le Poulet Rouge who walks past with her one year-old bulldog every day. I lamented how frazzled I feel and she reassured me that I would get used to it.


Chief had his third weigh-in yesterday (he only gained one pound last week … whew) and I feel much more in control of the situation.


We have our routine in place. He and I wake up first and I take him out for a quick pee and poop which happens before we make it past the next house.


I have to pry him off of Loony’s head. How is this going to go when he’s fully grown?

Back inside I feed him and the cats (he gets fancy kibble dressed up with ground beef and a little broth) and take Scheissehund out for a longer walk. Unlike Chief, he needs to pee AT LEAST ten times before he’s dry.


Schiessehund doesn’t smell like puppy either

Back home I get my MIL set up for a breakfast of coffee, Special K (her fave) and her morning meds. She’s declining quickly so I set everything out for her, including her milk. I caught her pouring coconut creamer in her cereal the other day, poor thing.

The kids get out the door and I take Chief on a longer walk. I don’t want to overwork him but he seems to enjoy a longish walk and maybe a playdate if we run into any one of his many dog friends in the neighborhood.

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Then we get the Nap of the Dead.


So tired

As you can see from the videos up top, the animals are getting along. This even happened.

Minx and Bates

Yesterday I was cleaning the penthouse and I found a Painted Lady butterfly trapped inside. I carefully palmed her and released her outside.

And with that, Fall began.

The temperature dropped sharply and it’s been raining for two days. I love cool weather on the heels of a scorching and dry Indian Summer. Right now the boys are at MPT’s house and I’m on the couch with my MIL (she’s dozing in her seat) and both dogs.



Loony is watching a football game and I’m so content. I can feel the radiators kicking out the heat and it feels like love.


Current mood

Lest I complain yet again about what an awesome and busy summer I had and how tired I am from playing with my beautiful friends, I’ll suffice to say that I’m in the mood to nest and hibernate.

Honestly, I’m not even excited about Halloween. I might stay in this year because figuring out a costume and facing a night of staying up late just sounds like work. If I want to drink and dance I can go to a show with Loony and Gofer almost any time without having to change out of my sweats.

Plus, why would I want to leave when I have this at home?

Here’s some inspiring and feminist shit I found on the internet that I love …

Yeah, I’m good today. Really good. I’m going to make a pot pie and a chocolate cake for dinner. My latest obsession is the food section at World Market.

Here’s a pro tip, if you ever feel like shopping because you are bored, go to World Market and check out the food.


I didn’t buy this but it made me hanker for cake

The items are fascinating but pretty much everything will give you pause. Do you really want to buy a cake in a pouch? I can leave empty handed while having quenched my desire to window shop.

I’m also trying to justify buying this beautiful print I saw in National Geographic. Isn’t it sublime?


Looney and I had a heart to heart yesterday. We both work so hard and it never stops. We never take a day off. So today we rest.

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  1. Your entries here continue to unfold the eyes, heart and deep feelings of a great human, Vivienne.
    I’m grateful to be your friend.

    • And I am grateful to have you as a friend. You helped me get ready for Anita’s arrival while juggling the pets and providing me with great company. What more could a person want?

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