You down with O.P.P.? Yeah, you know me.

O.P.P. (Dad) is short for Other People’s Pussy, a hiphop anthem. But I think of O.P.P. as Other People’s Problems, which I am totally down for.

While searching for a meme, I found this Obama slow-jam. Oh I miss him.

Now that summer is over I’m getting back on my coffee schedule with My Parasitic Twin. I like to go over there with a mug of coffee and we scream at each other while OD’ing on caffeine.

Today had the added bonus of her dogs wearing Chief out. He really is a lot happier (aka sleepier) when he’s had a decent playdate.


Post playdate zonk

I’ve never seen her dogs do anything but sleep so I was pretty surprised to see how engaged they were with Chief, especially Rza.

I launched into my anxiety du jour about Chief getting super huge. This was after gushing about what a great dog he is and how happy I am with his personality and training progress, blah, blah.

“But what if he grows to be a 135 pound freak?” I wailed.

Without missing a beat she said, with a beatific look on her face, “Then you will have an big, awesome Golden Retriever.”

How does she do that? MPT has one of the blackest internal dialogues I know.


Her soul is dark as a motherfucker. She goes to disturbing and nihilistic places when confronting her own issues and seems incapable of putting her own problems into context but when it comes to anyone else’s freak-outs she is as chipper and optimistic as a church youth group.


It’s weird. It’s also why I turn to her when I’m freaking out, she knows how to soothe me. That’s right, she’s soothing.



Things are going well with Chief for the most part. You couldn’t ask for a better temperament, he’s everything Golden Retrievers are supposed to be: friendly, family oriented, eager to please, highly trainable, etc. I took him to The Cup for his virgin attempt at being a coffee shop dog.


He slept under the table at my feet the entire time

He nailed it.

He is still gets into trouble, like the other day right after Loony gave him a bath he decided it would be a good time to dig in the dirt with Kol.

His “successes” in potty training are 100% driven by me at this point. If I lose focus – or heaven forbid – leave the house, shit goes sideways. Like last night.

Untitled collage.jpg

I signed up for a conversational French class at the university with Sideboob. I see travel to France in my future and it feels good to at least try to speak the language. Contrary to what I’ve heard, the French (at least in my experience) are really friendly and seem to appreciate a foreigner’s effort to speak.

So I leave the house for two hours and Chief managed to crap next in the sunroom and shred some magazines. I returned to him sleeping nicely in his kennel while Loony and the MIL watched the news.

Scheissehund and kitten are still cute AF.

Their daily wrestling matches are everything. Minx will soon outgrown Scheissehund but I hope they continue to be close.

He has coped magnificently with all the changes in the house. Today was on the chilly side and he exercised his privilege all morning.


He’s my little squish

I took my dad’s advice (HI DAD!) and got myself a desktop computer. I’ve been squinting at my 11″ Macbook Air for too long and the eyestrain is catching up with me. I do a lot of photo editing (AKA deleting at least 9 out of 10 pictures I take) and album making so it made sense to get something with a nice display.


27 inches, baby

I picked it up used at a local reseller of Apples, it’s a whole new world. The kids have been clamoring for a desktop, they have no idea what they actually need (they do mostly web based work) although they both want “more power” and it seemed to be time to have a family computer in a communal space.

I’m still figuring it out (time to send up a flare for Sideboob) but so far it has been great.

I can feel Fall in the air, I even did the most Fall thing ever over the weekend … I went to a CU Buffs football game.

In my 26 years in Boulder I’ve never been to a game. My neighbor was nice enough to give us his tickets (thanks Todd!) and I finally got to experience some team spirit. The most interesting parts of the game were the cheerleaders (natch), the marching band, and the running of Ralphie, the 1200 pound buffalo at the opening and half-time.

The mall is making the most of the waning warm days and had a lovely Fall Festival. I don’t usually frequent the many craft festivalson the mall, they blur together, but something about the crush of the football game and all that togetherness made me yearn to wander among stalls. This talented child entertained a large crowd.

Studio Arts Boulder had its own block party. The focus wasn’t on selling stuff (a relief) but building an interactive art community. There was a chili cook-off, beer tasting, demonstrations, kids’ pottery making, and live music.

I volunteered myself and the boys to do the set up and serve ice cream. My MIL came along and we brought Chief. I think being there just with the kids would have been overwhelming but throw Anita and a puppy into the mix and I was at the edge of my ability to tolerate chaos.

I don’t know if I’m just getting older or if it’s because I have so little respite between chaotic periods, but I’m not as up for it as I used to be. But how can I say no to this?

I just need a deep hibernation with lots of silence. And sleeping dogs.


Bates left this for me when I got home






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