Chief Is In The House!

Chief is in the house!


This image has been on my desktop for over a month as I waited to write this post

I’ve never bought a dog before (and I probably won’t ever again) so it was a totally new experience for me to have to wait SO LONG to get a pet. I put a deposit down on my mini golden retriever before he was even born so I wasn’t prepared for all. the. waiting.

But at last summer wrapped up, my Pole Theatre friends packed up for Vegas, and it was finally time to get my puppy. From Montana.

Lucky for me, Sideboob was down for a quickie road trip. Given all the activity surrounding this summer, we were both looking forward to a “relaxing” drive where we could catch up and not constantly be answering email.

We left Boulder around 10am on Wednesday and rolled into Billings, Montana in time for happy hour and dinner.

I had a not-so-restful night of sleep at our hotel, mostly because I was stressing out about a text I got from the breeder. She said that the puppy I had reserved looked like he was going to be larger than the “toy” range she promised. She offered to give me a discount or let me choose from another litter. We settled on her bringing the original pup and a couple more but I spent the night worrying about what to do.

I felt committed to my puppy even though we hadn’t met, yet it would be just my luck to get some freakishly large Golden. What to do?

We woke up early the next morning and drove an hour to Roundup, a very rural but really lovely area in the Bull Mountains. After spending some time with the three candidates, I chose to stay with Chief because …

  1. All the puppies looked the same size even though Chief was two weeks younger.
  2. It was the breeder’s husband who brought the pups and he didn’t have any exact information on the mother – nor was any available on the website – while I was very familiar with Chief’s parents which really is the best way to predict his grown size.
  3. I was already attached to Chief, even though it was just the idea of him. And it was nice to get a discount.

Toy minis should weigh in the range of 25-35 pounds, miniatures are in the 35-45 range, so it is likely Chief will be in the latter range which is fine by me.

Chief was a champ in the car.

He rode either on my lap or in the kennel and I saw his confidence build as the drive went on. He didn’t have any accidents in the car (at least that I wasn’t ready for) and tried to tell us when he had to go out. There was almost no whining on the eight hour drive.


Sideboob is already hogging the puppy

The kids were so excited to meet him finally, including My Other Asian Daughter who came over to see him immediately.

I am committed to kennel training him as he is my first ever puppy and I want to be able to leave him at home without him destroying everything. He liked his kennel on the drive (he clamored to get in it) so I figured it wouldn’t be too hard.

That first night was rough. I slept in the sunroom with the animals because I figured it would be the least disruptive place for him to make noise.


Between Bates’s constant rumble of doom, Minx running around a knocking everything off the shelves (and almost catching on fire over the candle I was burning to – you know – relax), Scheissehund making up for lost time on my leg, and Chief whimpering in the kennel, I got almost no sleep.


Written at 8am


He cried for just a minute (although it felt like a lifetime) and I took my friend Judy’s advice and had him right next to my bed so I could have my hand in the kennel to comfort him.

As much as I thought I would want to sleep in bed with him, he’s a bitey little fucker and the kennel was a much less stimulating environment to be in.

The other animals get along with him just fine. I mean, TFC is being a fucking bitch but what else would you expect? Bates is already mad at the world so there you go.

Schiessehund is playing with him if you consider incessant humping action to be playful.

At least Chief is interacting with him.FullSizeRender-1

I’m already working on training him. He’s starting to make the “sit” connection and I’m teaching him how to ring a bell when he goes out. It takes patience and a lot of cheese.

He had his first vet appointment yesterday and was so worn out by playing with a friend’s puppy that he slept through the whole thing, even the shots.


It’s been chaotic as I try to figure out my new schedule. It definitely feel like A LOT more animals right now, what with a kitten and a puppy. Minx is so low maintenance in comparison, though. I’m getting the hang of each animal’s schedule and needs, I’m just sooo tired.

But it didn’t stop me from seeing Bonobo at the Boulder Theater last night with Tabby and Matt. We got tickets well before I even decided to get a puppy.


That woman in front of her is not on a lower level, that’s how tall Tabby is.

I was really surprised that it wasn’t DJ set. It was a full band with two guitars, a horns section, female vocalist, drummer and synth player ALONG with mixed in beats. It was a gorgeous show.

All this is a way of illustrating that I have been in high gear for over a week without a moment of downtime.

I figured I needed to get this post out because my dad (HI DAD!) has been texting me for details and I haven’t had time to respond, so here it all is. Now I’m going to pass out.


4 thoughts on “Chief Is In The House!

  1. I can’t believe you finally got your puppy! So precious, so beautiful. It looks like, from your pictures, that all the animals seem to be getting along. I think it took us about the 3rd night before we weren’t thinking, “What have we done!” Aside from not sleeping much the first few days(weeks????)I love, love, having puppies. Strider was so motivated by food that he would sit(on his own) if I had food, and that was when we first got him at 5 1/2 weeks. 🙂

    • 5 1/2 weeks? That’s so young! Chief is starting to get the sit command. Today I’m figuring out the potty situation. He likes to go out on the porch. It’s nice because it’s fenced but I don’t want him peeing anywhere he likes. There’s a thing called the porch potty (essentially a shallow box with turf on the top and drainage. It might be a good option, especially if I can get Bart to use it in the winter.

  2. The porch potty sounds like a great idea. The guy we go Strider from was leaving town the next day and did not want to deal with the puppies(Strider and his brother)he was going to take them to the pound the next day….asshole… Strider was very little and very young. We also got Babystell that young too…..Athena we got at 8wks(as it should be)

  3. So happy for you! Chief is adorbs, of course, and I can’t wait to hear how puppy training goes! BTW I had tons of fun with your encyclopedic Loony up at camp:) Was fun to get to know him better.

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