Calm Before The Storm

The place I got my Babylock serger includes a private lesson on how to use it. After an hour with Meg I was ready to rock and roll and I had projects to do. For instance …

It’s awesome. After buzzing through all those little flags and napkins, I feel really solid on how to use my machine (in 4-thread overlock and rolled edge) and am excited to do a 3-day serger retreat. I will be a serger ninja by the time I’m done.

The porch is so pretty with the lights and garlands that I spend much more time outside, which is how I met Bethany.

She and her boyfriend were looking at the chickens when I struck up a conversation. They had two Pomeranians, one in her arms. She told me that two days ago Leonard suddenly couldn’t walk, and he’s only four. He has seen his vet and a neurologist and she’s waiting for his test results but as yet, it’s a possibility that he may never walk again.

She said she and her boyfriend had been crying all day. That won’t do.

I took her phone number and told her to come back the next day.

Commence with sewing like crazy.

I had to modify the dog wearing vest because Leonard weighs 10 pounds (twice Scheissehund) and has about 10x volume because of his coat, but I came up with something that worked.

Bethany came over, popped Leonard in, and I got to see her smile. She said that he was able to drag himself into her lap that morning which is an improvement so hopefully he will make a full recovery. Until then, she can carry him around with her hands free.

Shortly after Márion Crampe arrived with Sideboob.


At last!

I feel like I have been preparing for this day for months. As expected, our connection was instantaneous. Márion is younger than me by over a decade but she feels like a fairy godmother. She is the warmest, most emotionally available person I’ve ever met.


We met this time last year and she has gone out of her way to maintain our friendship. She got here a few days before anyone else to allow herself time to acclimate to the altitude as she will be guest performing at Pole Theatre on Saturday. She said she created the piece just for me.

We took advantage of our private time together to hike, get coffee, spend time on the porch, and talk.

This is Sideboob’s last pole show and I really want her to enjoy it. It is usually me playing with my pole friends while she works her ass off. This year is going smoothly so she’s been able to join us for our reindeer games.


The days feel magical. The weather is perfect – sunny but not too much, warm but not too hot – and we are drifting through life. I feel like I can relax a bit and enjoy the fruits of my labor.


Blogging and working on the shaded front porch

Maddie and Michelle got in very late last night, they are still sleeping. Another judge arrives (Michelle Stanek) later, Dirdy Birdy will be here around lunch time, Steven will show up when he’s done with his beauty treatments and then the games will begin. I am so excited.

I guess I need to figure out what vegan feast I will put together for tonight.

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  1. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. 🙂 I can’t wait to see what else you will do with your Babylock serger. I remember you making napkins back when you were 19yrs. I have made many things but have yet to make napkins.

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