Could You Tone It Down?

I don’t know what is wrong with me, I’m so tired.

I think I might have hit overload on socializing. I love all my friends and it’s almost impossible to say no when someone wants to get together, but I think I need to call a moratorium on get togethers until Pole Theatre is over, but it’s hard.


This is going to be the last one in Boulder, you really should go.

I need to build up my energy for the 31st when nine of my closest friends (some I’ve never met) arrive on my doorstep. I’m so excited but I need to be emotionally ready – maybe even a little lonely – by the time they arrive because you never know what’s gonna happen.

Steven Retchless

I have to be ready for a week of this awesomeness

I need to spend less time with people when I’m so tired that I have a hard time spending time with my family.

This morning I woke up more or less ready to get some shit done, AKA clearing my desk. It’s a job I hate to do, especially because it involves going through a big box of photographs from my pre-Loony days. I forgot that today is late start for Itchy so he was all up in my business.



I’m just trying to work and he’s chattering away like he did a couple lines and drank a gallon of coffee. I could barely focus.


Could ya tone it down?

Maybe his early morning cheer (now I know how MPT feels) coupled with my, um, biological disposition, made me less of the involved mother I strive to be.


Loryn Brantz is my hero

He finally got off to school (I walked with him to make up for my zombie mood) and I got to work. After paying bills and blowing up my bookkeeper’s email, I went through the photos. Included were wedding photos that I thought were lost in the fire. Apparently they were the duplicates and rejects, I was glad to see them.

Helping me out was L’il Minx.

I gotta say, even though she slows down my productivity, I sure do get a kick out of her. She’s extremely social and fun.

And she really cracked me up when this happened.

I’m pretty sure that’s the kitten version of throwing up in her mouth.

God I love cats so much.


Except I’d argue that it makes your life better because I like cat butt.

Anyway, I came across these things and thought I’d scan them in for posterity.


Pablo and I threw great Halloween parties and I made amazing costumes, like both the costumes you see (from The American Astronaut)


My dear Liza and Joel Haertling back in the day


Mike Malone, I loved him but he just wanted to be friends. THANK GOD!


Kip, the best dog I ever


My sweet boy


A rare photo of my father and mother with me as a baby

I was into clipping comics from the paper back then, it seems that little has changed about me.


Time to get back to work, maybe I’ll have some coffee, or do a shot because what are the three words I hate the most?


It’s a dead bat underneath the bed. I need to disinfect the floor.

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