Sheet Cake

Have you seen the Tina Fey sheet cake Saturday Night Live skit?

Here it is, enjoy.

After a long drive back from Wyoming where we saw the Total Eclipse of the Heart Sun last night, I got my off my ass and started taking care of my to-do list:

  1. Clean out the car
  2. Do laundry
  3. Return a bunch of shit to the hardware store
  4. Go to the grocery store

It’s been a great summer of camping and road trips and schlepping chickens and kids and shit that destroys my car. Even though I was firmly in the “let’s catch the eclipse on livestream” camp, Pamcakes talked me into joining her in Torrington, Wyoming for the eclipse.


By “talking me into it” I mean that she posted a picture of her campsite on Facebook with the caption that she was in a great place to see the totality and no, she’s not telling you where she is!

Loony, who is still on FB, showed it to me and I texted her immediately.

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 5.26.56 PM

Note the time and date.

She sent me this back …


Faster than you can say FOMO we were in the car and hightailing it to Wyoming.


She sent us a pin so we were able to find the campsite on BLM land in the dark. We left at 7:00 pulled up around 11:00 and instead of …

  1. searching for her car with our brights on or
  2. turning off the headlights and running over tents

… we parked when we saw some cars and tried to quietly set up. This entailed setting up two cots, two Thermarests in the car, and stepping in some cow shit while wearing flip flops, but Mr. Camping Purist got out of his tent nearby and brought his dog over and demanded, “What the fuck are you doing? Find somewhere else to camp … on public land.

It was completely uncalled for.

“We are meeting friends, sorry to disturb you.” I said by way of apologizing for my existence.

He stalked back to his tent.

The next morning I saw that he had a CU Boulder stadium chair so apparently his camping privilege only extends to Boulderites bearing his name, which should be Dick Head, because I found out later that he ALSO came in after dark and WAS ALSO meeting friends, and was SHOOTING OFF GUNS the next day.

Once the sun came up I found Pamcakes and her crew of Betties.

I haven’t seen those ladies in forever, I forgot how fun it is to be around them.

Someone brought an airgun so my boys had a good old time shooting off guns as well. Normally I’d feel bad about it but given the present company we were in and where we were, what the hell.

It’s spooky how quickly the boys took to it. I told them in no uncertain terms that they would never ever get a gun, especially since the BBs kept ricocheting off the trees and threatening to shoot someone’s eye out.

We walked to a hill at 10:30 and waited.

I don’t think that I could comprehend what I would have missed without actually seeing it. It wasn’t so much the act of the sun being obscured by the moon that impressed me, it was the way we felt an entire day in an hour, the way the light changed, the wind picked up, the temperature dropped, the crickets started singing, the hush.

It was incredible.

Here are some really lame videos …

The only thing I missed seeing were the eclipse shadows filtered through trees (as there were none on the dunes) but thanks to Instagram I got to see plenty.


I was so glad we made it and I won’t lie, I hoped we would dodge a bullet as far as the whole carmegeddon prediction was concerned.

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 9.31.24 PM

We had our car packed so we could hightail it out of there the second the totality was over … like a million other people.


Cars zipping up in the passing lane to cut in line


5MPH all the way home

So anyway, the drive that took a little under four hours to get there took nine hours of hot, 5mph, bickering kids and Loony annoying me, to get home and I was pretty tired of people by the time we got back.


I’m not exaggerating when I say that it took an hour to travel that .2 miles to hang a left on Main Street


Thank god today was a school day.

I got the kids out of the house and I thought what better way to close out the summer than to clean out my car which was now coated with chicken shit, cow manure, and road grime. Except I was so limp that all I could do was sit on the stairs with my coffee and stare at L’il Minx.


She is still kinda snorty from a head cold which makes me love her more.

Ack. Why are cats so cuuuuute?

I eventually got my ass in gear and gave my car the deep cleaning and felt like a winner again. Trump should clean his car when he feels like winning rather than threatening nuclear war. Anyway, it was so gross in there but I felt like cleaning my car while we were still in the summer season was a fool’s errand. People keep trying to extend summer on me but I am 100% done.


He asks me if I want to go to Rocky Mountain National Park? School has started, it’s over!

I have too much to do to be on vacation all the time and camping is like triple duty for me. Seriously, it’s all, “Mom, where is this?” and “Mom, where is that?” I snapped at my kids and Loony several times recently because I feel like instead of figuring out where they left their shoes, or what is in the refrigerator (hint, look for yourself) they ask me.


A friend of mine was discussing sister wives and how useful that would be and I was like naw, I need some brother-husbands. I’d be all to my three bruh-hus, “You, go do this. You, go do that. And I’ll see you upstairs.”

So I did the loads of laundry and unpacked the car and went to the grocery (here’s where I circle back to the beginning of my post) and I wandered past the bakery and I saw this lovely little sheet cake and I thought about Tina Fey and I bought it.


Which was a good thing because when I got home a friend called to see if I was free for a last second cake thing for his wife’s birthday. AND HE DIDN’T HAVE CAKE YET!

Seeing as how I probably shouldn’t eat the whole thing I felt like I was delivered from the jaws of ill advised stress eating.

In other news, the cats are kinda getting along with Minx. By getting along I mean no one has been injured, just lots of hissing and stalking off. But GOOD NEWS! That Fucking Cat is finally being nice to me (did I already write about this?)

She sat in my lap twice, on her own steam, and submitted to being pet. Then she slept between my legs with Scheissehund. I guess she’s figuring out which side her bread is buttered on.


Would it be too much to ask you to go with the program?

I moved the cat food off the counter so now the cats eat in the sunroom. There were too many cats running around my kitchen and adding another one was going to make me nuts.


Look who figured out how to get up the cat tree all by himself?

And FINALLY I got another picture of Chief.


He looks big until you realize he’s being held in one hand. Try not to let the camo throw you, the breeder raises hunting dogs after all

15 days until he is mine, all mine!

4 thoughts on “Sheet Cake

  1. Thanks for putting up with all the traffic so that we could be there in virtual totality with you guys.
    Loved the videos!

  2. Well hi! SO glad you guys came and joined us. That was such a phenomenal event and leave it to you guys to win the spontaneity (sp?) award. Sorry your commute back sucked…..

  3. I love the picture of your family right after the eclipse. It should be your Christmas card. My eclipse day was quite different. Basil and I made a hole in a cereal box and saw the tiny little sliver from our front yard. Then I took the 1min walked to the beach, saw tons of ppl I knew, who generously let me look through their glasses, then a friend gave me a pair.(her son accidentally bought 2 pkgs on line each pkg containing 10 pairs) I had to run home and show MrBasil. Your puppy is too cute for words. Your kittie is so pretty.

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