Cute Overload

I have been sleeping like shit lately, I think it’s because I had a crazy dude working on my house.

He seemed normal enough … in an eccentric geezer kind of way … and he came recommended so I hired him to make a gate for the porch and install a screen door. No big deal, right?


Without going into it, it took him ten days to finish the job and he rarely showed up before 2pm and left before 10. I have no idea what the hell took him so long but his cute eccentricity wore off and I was starting to feel under siege in my own house.


My beautiful porch turned into a completely blown-up job site and I was forced to become more and more assertive, which is always stressful for me. It gave me anxiety dreams.


He finally finished last night and I put my porch back together in time for My Asian Daughter (and Grant) to show up.

She and I went on a hike …

… and by noon I had banged out my requisite 20,000 steps so I could either nap or blog.



I’m afraid of napping …



I coffee’d up instead and set down to blogging because I HAVE SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT TO TELL YOU!


A friend of mine from Virginia came to visit and she BROUGHT A RAGDOLL KITTEN!

She’s a breeder and I made a joke about her tossing one into her luggage and she actually did it.

Introducing L’il Minx!


She’s a chocolate mitted Ragdoll and we are all in love with her. Watch the following video to find out about the breed.

All if it is true, BTW, she’s floppy, sweet, friendly, follows us around, and is adorable.

I won’t lie, there was some marital strain around me getting another cat and Loony took longer than usual to come around, but it happened.


It didn’t help that his best friend was visiting (also from the Virginias) who doesn’t approve of cats. But he came around with the help of some supportive guy friends.


Loony knows I won’t let marital vows stand in the way of my destiny which is to surround myself with fluffy cuteness. The other animals don’t seem to mind. There was a little requisite hissing but no actual menace.

Scheissehund mounted her immediately but he calmed down about her once he got that out of the way. Plus, she likes to sleep by my head and, as you know, SH is a crotch dog.


Getting some MAD crotch

That Fucking Cat is giving Scratchy the cold shoulder but what do I care? She doesn’t give me the time of day so it’s business as usual around here.

The kids are over the moon and Itchy has FULL-ON hoarded the kitten. He moved all her shit into his room tout suite in hopes of imprinting on her.


Believe the hype, Ragdolls actually sit in laps. She sat in his for an hour

Scratchy got sick a few days before school started and she kept him company in bed.

L’il Minx will change over the next three years, her brown markings will spread across her body and she will hopefully grow to be a massive, suuuper slutty cat. Her cuteness right now is off the charts.

It’s great having a cat that likes being around people. She doesn’t hide like most cats do, she follows me around. I can’t wait for all my pole friends to meet her when they stay here for Pole Theatre USA.


She lives in Australia and was my very first pole crush. She’s teaching at Pole Expo this year and extended her stay so she could go to Pole Theatre with Shimmy and Sparkle. Naturally I insisted she stay with me. AND SHE IS!

She’s very cool and by all accounts the nicest person in the world. And she’s a cat-loving vegan which means I get to make vegan meals that week, something I really enjoy doing. She’s going to freak over Minx.


OMG! Dirdy Birdy is going to stay with us? YAYAYAYAYAYAY!

My friend, The Cat Lady, has been so wonderful. She and I have been going on walks, talking cats, and the kids adore her.


TCL in the background

She’s educating me about the breed and has been so great about helping me get her settled in. Check out her website here. But seriously, enter at your own risk because there would have to be something wrong with you not to get one.


This kid NEEDS a kitten

I have a feeling she’s going to be spending more time in Colorado so let me know if you want one and I’ll put in a bulk order.


Color progression as they age, Minx will have white paws. though.

This is an adorable time-lapse video of her sleeping.

Couldn’t you just die? I die all day.

Okay, I’m still tired so I’m going to try to nap and hope it doesn’t fuck me up.


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  1. Your kitty is going to be a real beauty. I am thinking about hiring ppl to clean up the farm house and move vehicles but it makes me a bit nervous. You never really know. In my 56 yrs the only time I/we hired someone to do something was rewire the house. I have to find someone that knows someone type of deal. I am not surprised your favorite pole dancer is staying with you….You have a beautiful house, you love to cook delicious things, and you have a wonderful family. It really is a no brainer. Thanks for all the obi pictures

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