Picking Puppy Names

Good news! One of the puppies born is mine! I get the only male, he’s red in color (my fave) and will likely mature to be between 25-40 pounds. Perfect!

I haven’t gotten any photos yet so I’m satisfying my need for fresh puppy meat by cruising the internet for photos.


I could just pop him into my mouth

Now comes the hard part. Well, parts. The waiting part is hard and the naming part is hard. I’m taking JJ’s advice and picking several.

I’m sure I’ve been over this but I met JJ when I moved to Boulder, she was a next door neighbor and enjoyed sewing and crafting. We’ve stayed in touch over the last 26 (!!!!) years and I still value her advice.

She’s one of those annoying people who has very strong opinions (she says stuff like, “never never never” and “always always always”) and is usually right.


She said I should pick out a few names so here’s the short(ish) list:

Beau, Mars, Reggie, Truffle, Oliver, Scout, Brick, JudeVirgil, Hawk, Monk, Papa, Shorty, Beasley, Chief, Shag, Gibson, Smooch, Rhubarb

I’m leaning towards Rhubarb, Papa, Truffle and Smooch. Papa Smooch?

Names have so much baggage. I like the names Oliver and Chief but I had cats with those names so that’s not cool. I love Smooch but I dated a guy who had a dog named Smoot, is that okay? It might have to be. I like Beasley but the short version is Bee and my neighbor has a dog named Bee. Rhubarb is cute but Barbie is a girl’s name.



Today is the 4th of July and do you know what I’m not going to do? Watch fireworks. I’m not going to knock around a park for hours answering “how much longer” every five minutes. I’m not going to bake atop a parking structure in the sun. I’m not going kill time as we wait for the damn show to start. Not gonna do it.

Nope. Today I went up to Cal-wood with Loony and his butterfly count group.


We brought our kids to the 4th of July Butterfly Count for ages, easily since they were three years-old. I was going to pass on it but Loony wanted to go regardless. I ditched the counters and went on a long hike by myself.

I visited our traditional haunts – the mica mine the swimming hole – and I was struck by how much closer they seemed. I guess toting a baby on my back or on my hip, or dragging a reluctant toddler, makes any distance seem longer. Nonetheless, I got a ten mile hike in and then led an impromptu stretching session with some of the ladies who flamed out on chasing butterflies.


We got home around 4:00 and I chilled on the porch with the ‘mules.

The porch was perfection. It was shady, there was a cool breeze, it was like being in the womb.

Loony and I walked down to the pub for dinner and we are going to watch Get Out.


It’s supposed to be super scary and will probably make me feel like an asshole as I recognize all the creepy overcompensating bullshit I do around African Americans because I’m ignorant and try too hard but hey, I’m going there. In fact, it seems like a mighty right thing to do on this holiday.

8 thoughts on “Picking Puppy Names

  1. Strong opinions…sounds like me. 🙂 I do hate wishy-washy. Another thing about names for your fur babies. When you are calling for your puppy/dog it is easier to say a two syllable(especially ending in a vowel) name rather than a one syllable name. That way you can really drag out the last syllable… Also you have to decide if you want it to be cutesy or handsome sounding. Strider is our first boy. Basil and I have only had girl dogs before him Tara or Babygirl, Stella, Athena.
    My favorite names you picked are: Reggie, Beasley more casual. Oliver, Gibson more distinguished. I was thinking of finding the name Shorty in other languages and see how that sounds??? I also like boy names that end in an “er” Strider, River, Hunter
    I am so excited for you. It is so much fun having puppies. Speaking of puppies…..I am sitting here with the music blasting while the fireworks are starting.(The dogs are under my computer desk)I gave Athena her doggie downers a couple of hours ago. No watching fireworks once we had dogs.(although Strider is unfazed)

    • I looked up the word “red” in other languages to see if anything looked good. Punani was one, not gonna work. I like Smooch (Smoochie?) because that’s all I ever want to do to dog faces. I don’t know. Maybe it will be more apparent when I meet the little guy, I’ll keep a short list on hand.

      We finished up “Get Out” just in time to see the finale of the fireworks from our third floor deck. Bartleby watch from inside Lonny’s shirt.

  2. Seeing you (finally!) refer to your animals as ‘mules does my heart good! I remember when we butted heads about the appropriacy of my referring to our cats as “mules.” I believe I suggested leaving the ruling up to Sonia. She actually said, “Well, they actually do look a bit like little mules.” I couldn’t believe I had actually won (which greatly pissed you off). What wonderful memories! I’m so glad I focused on teaching you to think like an adult.

  3. You’re right. That was at least part of the rationale. But I remember that my also maintaining that the cats looked like little mules irritated you. This is, no doubt, why I persisted in reminding you of that. I hope that all of this combat helped build character. After all, you did turn out!

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