Empty Nest Syndrome

I dropped the boys off at camp Sunday night and I’ve been bursting into tears intermittently throughout the day.


19437361_10158630822855467_8256292370502445781_n.jpgNaw man, I’ve been living it up!

I dropped the boys off at 4:00 and by 5:30 my crew came over for a little family dinner.


My neighbor’s trees are bursting with cherries so I’ve been putting up pie filling as fast as I can. Ever since our “friendly” pie competition I’ve been looking for opportunities to get Mancakes to bake for me.

Stitch demanded that I goad him into some food porn talk which I daresay is as good as his crust.

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 11.06.07 AM

Doesn’t he say the sweetest things?

I made the filling and he came over with the crust.

It came out of the oven and was ready to go but he was seriously loving the chicken and rice I made. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and was like, “Step away from the chicken, you are delaying the pie!”


Was it good? Yaaaasss!

We were so high on pie that we felt the need to give thanks to the tree that bestowed us with beautiful cherries …

Then we got super drunk and and the fun began.

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I busted out the Virgin Killer sweater and Mancakes – after putting up a suitable theater of resistance – modeled for us.

I’m not sure how it came to this but someone mentioned the all hip thrusting workout in the 80’s Jamie Lee Curtis/John Travolta film Perfect.


We had all eaten a large meal and felt the need to burn off some of those calories.

I really expected Mancakes to get in there but I think he was mesmerized by the thrusting crotches. I am nonplussed by crotches because this is my life …


And FYI, that is not a hard workout. Not even a little.

I have some misgivings about sharing this next part because it might just cross a line but that just means I absolutely must share it. Come what may.

Anal Queen

TMI is my middle name

Stitch and I like to keep each other “in the loop” as to the details of our personal lives. There’s pretty much no filter.

I ran the subject matter by Sideboob for some appropriacy vetting and she provided me with this very informative website.


And that concludes the Public Service Announcement portion of this blog.

Here are some pictures of my kids having fun at camp.

And I came up with a new carrier for Scheissehund. I’ve been going for longer walks since I got my Fitbit and even though he only weighs five pounds,  his crossbody sling is messing up my back.


That Fucking Cat misses Scratchy and has been either moping in her bed or moping with Bates in the guest room. God forbid she deign to accept some affection from me.


And some more stupid animals.



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  1. Running things by me for appropriacy vetting has never resulted in a “you should definitely not post that”. Oh wait, is that why you ask me?

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