I Have the Worst Sense of Direction

Even though we are going on a trip at the end of the week, I am still going to make them hike.

I want them to get outside as much as I want to get outside myself. Now that my kids are big they can do about any hike that I can. It’s pretty cool when we can enjoy the same activities and I’m not doing the outdoor version of watching kid’s movies.

I took them to the Button Rock Preserve and Sleepy Lion Trail right outside of Lyons.


I’ve never done this hike before but have heard of it. I hesitate to hike places I’ve never been if I don’t have someone with me who knows what they are doing. My sense of direction is for shit. Just ask Loony.

I usually argue with him about the most trife shit but I back down immediately when it comes to directions. Let’s just say that he’s more likely to guess how to get around a city he’s completely unfamiliar with than me, even if I was born and raised there.

I really wanted to do this hike so I downloaded the ProTrails app and it’s a game changer. It uses the GPS on my phone to track my progress so not only am I able to find the trailhead, I’m able to see where I am on the trail and stay on track. I’ll be doing a lot more exploring now that I have this tool.

It was about a 35 minute drive to the trailhead, the loop was 5.5 miles long and the grade was moderate. There were some steep-ish areas but nothing we couldn’t handle. It was beautiful.

The dam has a powerful outflow area at the top. It’s a nice, cool area to hang out by.

Itchy was too cool for the other kids who came along so he and I had a nice conversation while Scratchy and the others entertained each other on the trail with a stick fight.

Me? I was happy to enjoy less violent sights such as the swirls of pollen on the water …


I brought a couple extra kids and a friend’s dog who I am trying out.

A friend is going out of town for a month and lamented the cost of boarding. $30 a day! I was all, “I’ll do it for $20!”

So I’m trying out Pipa to see how she does with the cats and the house.

I miss having a walking buddy so she might fill that void … or she’ll remind me why I don’t want another dog.

I’m not sure if we’ll get out again before we leave, the week is already filling up. Loony and I are checking out a show at the Boulder Theater tonight if anyone wants to hang out with us at a 15 and up show.


Wednesday is Loony’s Scrabble night so he’s gonna start early (which works out better for his octogenarian crew) and then we’ll head out to the EDM trap show. None of it makes any sense but at least it works.

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