Crotch Aggression

You’ve heard of leash aggression, right?

It’s when an otherwise chill and normal dog turns into a snarling, lunging, snapping Cujo whenever faced with another dog while on leash. It’s also known as leash reactivity and similar behavior can be found when you put a fence between two dogs.

Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 8.45.01 AM

In Scheissehund’s case, he has crotch aggression.

I’m not saying that he is normally a nice dog because that would be going too far. He’s an okay dog, but put him in a comfortable crotch and he turns into a monster.

Scheissehund does not like to be removed from a cozy crotch, not by anyone.



We’re still getting used to being a one-dog household. With SH being the big dog now, he’s got to work on his potty training. You can’t be the man of the house and still in diapers.


But I look so cute in them

Loony is spending more time with SH, he’s even taken to bringing him to coffee in the morning.


Love the one you’re with

I still follow a bunch of Great Dane accounts on Instagram. They kind of break my heart but I can’t bring myself to unfollow them.


Makes me happy and sad and the same time

I’ve been keeping busy with house projects and pottery, I made a chicken that looks like Blue. The ears are all wrong, though.


I usually love the bustle of the studio but yesterday I just wanted to be at home, making as much of a mess and I wanted, spread out as much I needed, and take as much time as I wanted. I made a bunch of things while watching 13 Reasons Why.


Everyone looks sad

It was good for me.

The Poulet Rouge has been hopping and the constant crowds of admirers cheered me up.


Summer is officially on, the boys are already driving me nuts.



Heading off to the last day of 4th grade

I can hear the dulcet sounds of bickering in the other room.

I’d be outside with them right now if it were not for a date I made with Pamcakes’ son to listen to his Cutco knife speil. I warned him that I have enough fancy knives for a dozen well-equipped kitchens but he’s welcome to practice on me.


A rare moment of cuteness. And quiet.

I’m having lunch with a good friend today. It’s the first time I’ve gone out with a friend after all the drama, it will be good for me. He doesn’t know that Blue died and maybe I won’t tell him, I’d rather talk about something else.

BTW: If anyone is interested in Cutco knives, I have a really nice college kid who is selling them and would be happy to come by. Just let me know.

6 thoughts on “Crotch Aggression

  1. When Babystell died I would let people know, then say I didn’t want to talk about it because I didn’t want to start sobbing. It worked well.
    I am glad you will be having a fun day! 🙂

    • It was a good spiel, and I warned him in advance that there was nothing that anyone could say to sell me another knife, but I still felt like I dick not buying a set of knives from him.

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