Lipo: 8 Days After

I had my 8 day post-op appointment on Friday to remove the stitches in my belly button. Once again I was stoked!

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Pre-op (very sad face not showing)

Lipo - 8 days post op

8 days (super happy face!)

The nurse remarked at my speedy recovery and Dr. Kuisle said he knew I would do well with this procedure.

And then do you know know what he said? I AM ONLY HALF WAY THERE! WOOT!!!

Dude, I would be thrilled if this was the end result but it’s only going to get better? YASSSS!

You can tell I am already feeling sassier … notice the coordinating bralet and panty set, my only pair. Cheeky, no?


This outfit totes shows off my hot bod

Massaging the bruises on my legs really paid off because now (at 12 days post op) have almost no bruising left. I am able to sleep on my side again and the stinging pain on my side/back (when I smack it by accident) is mostly gone. I’m still wearing a panty girdle because swelling is an issue by day’s end.

My folks were in town this weekend (Hi Dad! Hi MaryAnn!) and I went crazy on the house after they left Sunday morning. Sunday is my busiest day of the week because I’m picking up the pieces from the weekend. Someone usually checks out on Sundays so I need to clean the apartment, there’s always a fuckload of laundry to do, and I want Monday (my last one before summer vacation) to be super chill so I can hang at the studio and blog in peace.


My life

I don’t think I’m alone in saying that it’s hard to relax when my house is a mess so I put in an eight hour day cleaning, washing, purging, cooking, etc. Dr. Kuisle hasn’t cleared my to work out yet (I can in a week) and he told me to take it easy.

I can definitely tell at the end of the day whether I’ve been active or not. By the end of yesterday I was really bloated from edema in my surgical areas. The girdle definitely helps. I know how my life looks to people on the outside but I wish they could spend a day with me as I toil to keep this house from falling apart.


To be fair, I make Itchy slave in the house with me for a couple of hours so I wasn’t completely doing it solo, but I have to figure out a better way to schedule cleaning so I don’t spend every single Sunday busting my ass.


Dude, I wish. I was up at 4:45 hitting it hard.

I had a great visit with my folks. I am really grateful that they make a point of visiting for each boy’s birthday.

Here’s a picture of my dad and Itchy at his birthday lunch.


MPT totally wants to smash that

MaryAnn is such a wonderful grandma. She’s ready for each phase of their lives be it changing diapers or helping with homework. She has the patience of a saint.

They took us to The Walnut Brewery where I worked when I was 19 years-old. I was a prep and pantry cook and that experience taught me to be fearless in the kitchen. Some nights we put out 400 meals, after that nothing phased me.

I like our routine when my folks visit; they get in early on Friday, I take the guys out of school for lunch (the birthday boy gets to choose the restaurant), I cook dinners at home, we hang out, watch movies, and go for walks.

By “we” I mean MaryAnn and the kids because my dad loves Boulder shopping. He’s super into Rapha – the new high-end bike gear shop – that gives me a latex reaction with all the dudes swanning around in lycra with their triple espressos.


I just threw up in my mouth

Major sausage party.

We go to The Cup for coffee where the baristas indulge my dad in talking about the relative benefits of purified water and barometric pressure while I surreptitiously sip coffee I brought from home. I guess I’m basic like that.

This is my last week of freedom before the boys are off for the summer. Good thing we are kicking it off with a fabulous Mediterranean cruise! I’ll blog more pics of my recovery at weekly intervals. Maybe I’ll wear new lingerie in each one!

Um, MPT, I believe I satisfied my end of the deal, now it’s your turn to go underwear shopping.

Speaking of hot bodies …


Entrapment personified

And here’s a little Double Doggy to brighten your day …

Double Doggie

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  1. Wow! I can’t believe the difference and in such a short period of time. I love that your parents make the boys b-day special. 🙂 Adorable doggie pictures……

    • I am so happy with my results. It would have had to have lost 20 pounds to flatten my belly and then the rest of me would have looked bad. Lipo is great for smoothing out the contours if you are more or less happy with your weight.

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